pcProx® 13.56 MHz Enroll

Desktop read-only reader for ID card enrollment of contactless smart cards.

Part Numbers

Type USB RS-232 USB Virtual COM Ethernet
HID®iCLASS (Bldg ID) RDR-7081AKU RDR-7081AKx




ISO 14443A/15693 CSN
RDR-7581AKU RDR-7581AKx RDR-7581AK0 **
*FeliCa RDR-7F81AKU RDR-7F81AKx RDR-7F81AK0 **
2FIPS201 RDR-7P71AKU RDR-7P71AKx **
Xceed ID® RDR-7Y81AKU RDR-7Y81AKx RDR-7Y81AK0 **
1Sielox RDR-7J8xAKU RDR-7J8xAKx   **

*Validation with referenced manufacturer data pending
1Currently in implementation

2Legic compatibility is currently made available for small desktop readers.
  FIPS201 compatibility is currently made available for large desktop readers.

ISO 15693 is compatible with Philips MIFARE®, DESFIRE®, I-CODE®; HID iClass®; Texas Instruments Tag-it®; Infineon my-d® (in secure mode UID only), Inside Contactless PicoPass® and PicoTag®

** Ethernet output for non-HID readers is possible by ordering the reader of choice using the 'AK2' suffix of the part number. This RS-232 reader will attach to our Serial to Ethernet converter found at: Click here. Serial to Ethernet converter for RF IDeas readers. The converter will power this AK2 reader through the pass-thru ps/2 connector. Please call if you have questions.

Legend example RDR-7081AKU

RDR - RF IDeas reader in housing

7 - High frequency, typically 13.56 MHz

0 - HID iCLASS, or others see above table

8 - Small desktop housing. N- None (OEM pc board); 7 - Larger housing for custom reader; D - Dongle*; W - Wallswitch for single gange box

1 - keystroker or ASCII serial

A - Version

K - Color; K = Black, P=Pearl (desktop only) , W=White (wall Switch only)

U - USB Port with either key stroke or SDK driven output

'x' - Denote cabling power supply input option:

2 : PS/2 pass-thru connector taps power from keyboard/mouse connector

5 : DB9 data and 5 Vdc Power supplied on Pin 9 of DB 9 connector

6 : DB9 data and 9 Vdc Power supplied on Pin 9 of DB 9 connector

7 : Connector allows for external 9 Vdc power supply wall adaptor

8 : DB9 data and 5vdc wall power supply connectorized cable in

9 : DB9 and USB 5 vdc power tap

0 - USB connector output as Virtual COM

U - USB connector output as keystrokes and/or RF IDeas proprietary SDK


' * ' - Denotes availability in Dongle housing

'yyy' - Denote custom format number for iCLASS readers

USB to PS/2 Power Tap Converter

Type PN

Mounting Brackets

Type PN
Right Angle Bracket KT-ANGLE
Flat Bracket KT-FLAT

pcProx bracket kit KT-SHBKT

pcProx bracket kit - PN: KT-SHBKT