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An Insight into the Three Leading RFID Access Cards Used for Authentication

Whether we recognize it or not, RFID technology is present in nearly every element of our lives. From our employee badges at work, to the tracking technology...

Topic: Authentication and Access

Summer Downtime for Educators Means Busy Season for Network Administrators

With summer out, teachers and students are enjoying a much-needed break from the classroom.

Topic: Education, Multi-Function Printers (MFP)

Holistic Security with Authentication Across the Manufacturing Floor

Today's manufacturing environments are packed with potential security threats. With the advancement of technology, comes the increased risk of vulnerability....

Topic: Manufacturing

Think Authentication Solutions for MFP are a Waste? Think Again.

Implementing an extra layer of security in the office can send some heads spinning. Is this going to take me extra time? Will I have to remember a password?...

Topic: Multi-Function Printers (MFP)

Hot Topics of HIMSS 2017

This year's HIMSS trade show in Orlando, Florida, is scheduled to be abuzz with some of the hottest topics in today's healthcare IT.

Topic: Healthcare

Efficiency as a Competitive Edge in Manufacturing

Today's cut-throat economy demands leading manufacturers to become more efficient or run the risk of lost business. Additionally, obtaining a strong...

Topic: Manufacturing

Factories of the Future: Applications for RFID Technology

Most innovation experts agree that the wave of the future for manufacturing is integration - IT working with Operations as a seamless partner to getting work...

Topic: Manufacturing

Protecting Workers and Ensuring Compliance in Manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a ground-breaking ruling to improve working conditions for employees...
Topic: Manufacturing

Avoiding OSHA Violations with Simple RFID Implementation

Manufacturing is a behind-the-scenes operation that, while vital to all organizations, often gets little attention. When operations are running smoothly,...

Topic: Manufacturing

Automating Change Processes in Manufacturing

In many manufacturing environments, there is a need to change the manufacturing process several times during a work period.

Topic: Manufacturing