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Think Green

The word ‘green’ has always represented good things. It’s the symbol of nature in full bloom. It’s a term for money, something we all need...
Topic: Multi-Function Printers (MFP)

Higher Education

With concerns about rising costs topping the Forbes list of issues facing higher education institutions, universities are scrambling to find ways to cut the fat....
Topic: Education

The Smallest Reader on the Market Just Got Smaller!

pcProx® Nano

We never stop improving!

Topic: Product Announcements

University Uses RF IDeas Readers to Reduce Access Cards from Several to One

Founded in 1925, a private educational institution on the North America east coast offers low-cost, part-time evening studies in law and business for working...

Topic: Education

Making it Easy, Keeping it Real

Sometimes the smallest thing makes the biggest difference.

Topic: Education


The DNA within our Corporate Philosophy

Topic: Business Development

Main Line Health System

Improving infection control and ensuring patient confidentiality 

Topic: Healthcare

Using ID Badges to Understand Behaviors of Highly Successful Employees

In a recent issue of the MIT Sloan Management Review, the author discusses the concept of “people analytics” that can help managers learn why some employees...

Topic: Manufacturing

Law Enforcement Trending toward Mobile Computers in Squad Cars

Last year, NYPD equipped its officers and patrol cars with 41,000 tablets, computers, and handheld devices.

Topic: Government

Mining Operation Improves Worker Safety

In a January 2015 news release, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA...

Topic: Power and Energy