Company News

Apr '17 Newsletter: How Badge Enrollment Gave Us Our Start

April 28, 2017

We recently had the opportunity to network with a lot of industry contacts. While many were familiar with our business offering, others were new to the concept of how our readers support authentication and enrollment activities. Learn about how our readers can help businesses across a wide range of industries in their enrollment activities.

Mar '17 Newsletter: Questions Behind Secure Print Solutions

March 31, 2017

Secure print solutions address a very real concern. Many breaches can be traced back to internal sources, such as an unintentional consequence of leaving a document on the printer. Learn about the risks of an unsecured printing policy.

Feb '17 Newsletter: Bluetooth® Predictions Make Their Way into RFID Products

February 28, 2017

Bluetooth® technology no longer is reserved for the consumer markets. Whereas Bluetooth used to be a common technology in cars and mobile phones, it's now being used in location tracking, authentication and other industry-specific applications.

Jan '17 Newsletter: RF IDeas President Sheds Insight Into 2017 Vision

January 31, 2017

RF IDeas’ newly appointed president, David Cottingham, sat down to share insight into not only what he sees as the future of RFID technology, but also on the future of RF IDeas.

Dec '16 Newsletter: Closing Out the Year

December 20, 2016

At RF IDeas, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the badge and card reader space for various industries. But, we simply could not be where we are today without the dedication of our distributors, channel partners and resellers, and the one-on-one interaction with you, our customers.

Nov '16 Newsletter: RFID Technology, the Key to Compliance in Many Industries

November 30, 2016

Many companies rely on RFID technology to aid in compliance. Food processing, healthcare, and manufacturing are increasingly using some form of RFID technology to remain compliant.

Oct '16 Newsletter: Securing Your Production Line

October 31, 2016

Understanding that security breaches can come from multiple sources is the first step to a secure production line. Identify the steps to secure your production line.

Sept '16 Newsletter: Reaching New Heights in Safety

September 30, 2016

Ensuring secure forklift operation in manufacturing and warehousing operations may sound simple, but many organizations find it more difficult to enforce than you would think.

Aug' 16 Newsletter: Security That Evolves Faster than the Workforce

August 31, 2016

The workforce is an ever-changing atmosphere, one in which technology and security are in a constant battle to keep up. Workplace dynamic evolves, and security-based technology must adapt to remain effective.

July '16 Newsletter: Getting to the Root of Quality Control Issues

August 1, 2016

While not all recalls are related to the manufacturing process, many of the manufacturing-based recalls can be eliminated by stricter quality control standards.