This is an html example of setting configuration values with the 241 Discovery Tool

Put this file at a URL that can be read by a browser (http://~~~, not file:///~~~~).

Some settings use a number to refer to a setting: Some values will not take effect until the E241-C is reset.

Modify the following with a text editor:

Each section is optional.
Configure the 241:
241:location=241testing 241:ip_addr_mode=2 241:baud_rate=0 241:serv_client=0 241:eth1_mode=0 241:tunnel_port0=2000 241:tunnel_port1=2001 241:init_serv_addr= 241:init_serv_url= 241:init_str=/241web/vtEmpty.php?version=$9 241:init_retry_count=8 241:init_retry_sleep=10 241:init_long_beep=1 241:init_shrt_beep=2 241:data_serv_addr= 241:data_serv_url= 241:data_str=/241web/vtEmpty.php?csn=$1&mac=$2&luid=$3 241:data_retry_count=8 241:data_retry_sleep=10 241:data_long_beep=2 241:data_shrt_beep=1 241:web_serv_port=80 241:ssl_port=443

Configure USB reader: setdelay(500) 241:out.led=1 241:out.led=1 241:out.led=3 241:out.led=0 241:out.led=255

Configure serial reader:
setdelay(500) 241:out.led=2 241:out.led=0 241:out.led=1 241:out.led=0 241:out.led=255

And end the file.
(Copyright RF IDeas, Inc. 2014)