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Secure, trusted authentication is the first step in countless interactions that drive success. From TAP+KNOW ™ attendance tracking solutions that keep the workplace or campus safe to innovative mobility for less touch, more trust, turn to rf IDEAS® for identity access management that delivers productivity, transparency and confidence. Opportunity begins with trust.

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WAVE ID®️️️️️️ Bio. It's MFA your way


More than 80% of data breaches are caused by stolen, weak or default passwords, and almost 70% go undetected for up to several months.


For 25 years and counting, rf IDEAS has been taking authentication solutions beyond the front door to where work gets done.


The global contactless smart card market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18% through 2027.


There are hundreds of proximity and contactless smart card brands and types in use worldwide. WAVE ID card readers are compatible with nearly every one.

Improving security and safety of hospital workflows

When a healthcare institution wanted to better integrate laptops into workflows, Lenovo and rf IDEAS teamed up to simplify the log-in and logout process with a tap-and-go badge reader system, making it more likely that the user will log out when moving away from the system. The badge reader is fully enclosed in the system, making it easy to clean. 


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