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For example, if your company has 1,000 employees who manually log onto a device 15 times a day, deploying a badge reader system where the employee simply waves a badge can save over $300,000 a year. And the good news is a RF IDeas badge reader solution is a smart, low cost investment that can pay you back in months, not years.

Step 1: Enter number of employees

Step 2: Enter the average number of sign-ins per employee, per day

Step 3: Enter the average annual salary per employee

See how much time and money your operation can save per employee, per year!


Discover the RF IDeas badge reader difference – Calculate your ROI now!

See how implementing an ID badge reader partner solution can help you save time and money!

Calculate your time savings:

Manual Entry*

Total seconds
spent per day

Waving an ID badge*

Total seconds
spent per day

Calculate your cost savings:

Total Dollar Savings



*Calculations based on approximately 15 seconds per manual sign-in versus approximately 3 seconds per waved ID badge. 

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