With today’s limitless need to keep sensitive data secure, security breaches are undeniably a top concern in all office environments.

In most work settings, nearly all employees wear ID badges and these credentials have often only been used for visual identity or building access. While many companies need to utilize door access functions, they don’t realize they can use their ID badges for other solutions. A single badge solution is a cost effective approach that should be leveraged.

RF IDeas’ pcProx® readers give office systems the ability to require identification or authentication of employees for purposes such as meeting attendance, time and attendance, secure printing, single sign-on and much more. Using these secure access control applications truly gives office users the ability to power the badge.


Corporate Application Solutions

A WaveID® enabled workplace means leveraging employee's existing ID badges for a myraid of business needs:

  • Logging onto computers
  • Auto locking workstations
  • Releasing print jobs
  • Registering at meetings
  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Enabling cafeteria payments
  • Providing physical entry access
  • Utilizing mobile authentication
  • And much more




WaveID® Solutions

In today’s business environment, most employees carry badges for building access. A WaveID powered business environment exists inside the building, addressing the various ways employees’ access and identification needs are met.

A WaveID enabled workplace allows employees to logon to their computer, release their print jobs, register at their meetings, track their time and attendance, pay for food, and much more, all with the same card they use for building access. WaveID illustrates how the proximity and contactless smart card readers created by RF IDeas provide easy solutions for a myriad of business needs.


Case Studies

Take a look below at how a few of our customers and partners have incorporated pcProx readers into their workplace to create a WaveID environment.


  • University of Colorado
    A tracking solution was implemented to incorporate pcProx readers to identify and track ID numbers on existing campus ID cards.






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