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<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/Logo-200x500_IDmelon.png" alt="IDmelon"  width="250" height="100" />

IDmelon provides the most convenient login experience (usernameless/passwordless) using employees' badges, contactless cards or smartphones, which are an essential part of employee's workday and thus they are never out of touch. 

IDmelon's Passwordless Orchestration Platform (IPOP) manages the entire deployment lifecycle and helps with simple, seamless and quick passwordless adoption.

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<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/Logo-200x500_imprivata.png" alt="Imprivata" width="250" height="100"/>

Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, provides healthcare organizations globally with a security and identity platform that delivers ubiquitous access, positive identity management, and Multi-factor Authentication.

Imprivata enables healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information to address critical compliance and security challenges while improving productivity and the patient experience.

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Imprivata Corporate Brochure.pdf



<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/Logo-200x500_KSI.png" alt="KSI" width="250" height="100"/>

Look for new KSI products in 2023 that integrate the latest WAVE ID® readers, with next-generation SEOS® as well as fingerprint biometrics and walkaway thermal presence detection as available security options.

KSI keyboards and security pods protect the clinical desktop with Multi-factor Authentication that leverages integrated RFID and biometric technology. All security features are routed through a single USB to conserve thin and zero client ports.

KSI products are compatible with leading Single Sign-On software, including Imprivata® OneSign®, BIO-Key™, Identity Automation™, and many others used by healthcare. Compatibility with Imprivata® Confirm ID™ allows hands-free mobile authentication and secure access to ePrescribe platforms.

Much more than security and input devices, KSI LinkSmart® keyboards with San-a-Key® software to offer clinicians a complete desktop infection control program. With a simple press of the integrated LinkSmart® button, keys are temporarily disengaged for easy disinfection with germicidal wipes. San-a-Key® analytic software allows administrators to know when, where and by whom all KSI keyboards are cleaned.

Look for new KSI products that integrate the latest WAVE ID® readers, with next-generation SEOS® as an available option.

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KSI Best Sellers Datasheet.pdf

KSI-1700,1800,1900_Imprivata-Branded Datasheet.pdf


LG Business Solutions

<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/LG_Business%20_Solutions_Logo_4c-ai.png" alt="LG Business Solutions" width="250" height="100"/>

LG Business Solutions offers an innovative IT commercial portfolio, including premium 4K UHD, In-Plane Switching, LED Desktop Monitors and Medical Monitors, as well as Zero Client, Thin Client, and gram laptops. LG’s IT products deliver uncompromised display quality with outstanding resolution, professional functionality powered by an IPS panel and additional technologies designed to meet the needs of diverse businesses, including labs, classrooms, offices and medical facilities. LG’s IT commercial portfolio provides businesses with the power to harness speed, efficiency, security and performance with simplicity and ease.

For more information, visit here.


<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/Logo-200x500_NetIQ.png" alt="NetIQ" width="250" height="100" />

Whether for quick access to EHRs or secured supplies, NetIQ authentication and Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions offer the best access experience to clinicians by providing a low-friction experience. A single tap on an rf IDEAS reader delivers SSO access to patient information letting clinicians stay focused on the task at hand. Fast user switching makes secure access efficient at clinician kiosks and stations.

For patient smartphone or online ePHI access, NetIQ offers other passwordless and access control solutions.

Let NetIQ show you how to protect access to resources with Multi-factor Authentication using rf IDEAS readers.

For more information, visit here.


NetIQ IAM Suite (1-Pager)

Matching Your Authentication to the Speed of Your Business (White Paper)





<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/Logo-200x500_nymi.png" alt="Nymi" width="250" height="100"/>

Nymi connects people to their digital world in a single authentication. Our connected worker solution is delivered through a platform and wearable that digitally empower people in passwordless, contactless, and hands-free workflows across the enterprise. We are on a mission to connect people to a complete ecosystem of their workplace technologies. Our partnership with rf IDEAS enables more devices for the connected worker in healthcare environments. 

Nymi serves the world’s largest innovation-driven companies, including 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical manufacturers, with deployments spanning across 15 countries. 

For more information, watch the connected worker in action here.  


The Connected Workplace Brief

Privacy Whitepaper




<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/Logo-200x500_papercut.png" alt="PaperCut" width="250" height="100"/>

Your highest priority is the well-being and safety of your patients. That extends beyond their physical health to protecting their Personal Health Information (PHI). With prescriptions, charts, wristbands, and referrals floating around, this can be a difficult area to control.

The good news? Security and simplicity have been coded into PaperCut solutions for over twenty years (that’s got to earn us a PhD, right?), so you can focus on the health of your patients, not your printers.

And now, with PaperCut and rf IDEAS readers integration, you have access to leading security features to comply with major regulatory bodies like HIPAA. Securely releasing at the closest printer and syncing printing with area access cards are just a few of the ways PaperCut provides organizations with a secure way to track and report on printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

For more information, download the PaperCut MF Healthcare brochure here, or visit our webpage here.







<img src="https://www.rfideas.com/sites/default/files/2023-02/Logo-200x500_wavelynx.png" alt="WaveLynx" width="250" height="100"/>

WaveLynx is an open and secure access control platform that allows businesses to modernize their authentication technology at the pace and path that is right for their business.

We were founded on the belief that simplicity and flexibility are the best path forward to simplify the integration of legacy, current and future technologies. That credentials should seamlessly integrate into your workflows, that key management should be simpler to administer, and that migration should be at the pace and path that is right for your business. And now, we’re forging the path forward on mobile as WaveLynx is the first to bring access to the Wallet across the leading global platforms. Our solutions are engineered as open and interoperable, setting customers up for success both now and in the future.

To learn more, visit www.wavelynxtech.com.


Ethos Readers

Employee Badge in Apple Wallet