Identity and access management solutions

Simplify compliance, eliminate the use of multiple passwords and minimize the burden on IT with the integration of TAP+KNOW™ logical access solutions in your organization.


IAM Security that Aligns Your Physical & Logical Access Solutions

Businesses and institutions need a reliable way to converge physical and logical access without restricting the productivity of authorized users. Single sign-on can save users from eight to 15 minutes per day, or 103 to 191 hours per year, per employee. An intelligent IAM solution gives users access to devices and data only where and when they need it while providing complete visibility for better IT and security management. rf IDEAS partnerships with leading solution providers make system integrations seamless, allowing for a secure and frictionless experience. Explore how our logical access readers can ensure greater compliance and secure authentication across the enterprise.

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rf IDEAS Configuration Utility User Manual

The rf IDEAS Configuration Utility User Manual provides users with guidance on the rf IDEAS Configuration utility and how to successfully setup their WAVE ID® Solo and WAVE ID® Plus readers.

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The latest version of NSL (NSL 3.51 SP1) includes Citrix support for pcProx, NMAS, and Secure Workstation. Novell implemented virtual channels for these components to allow customers to use the devices inside the ICA client. This version of NSL also comes with an LDAP-enabled GINA that will allow NMAS to be used without installing Client32.The pcProx method was written by Novell, and will work with many different proximity card vendors. 



Imprivata OneSign integrates with pcProx USB readers supporting both HID™ and Indala Prox cards to provide strong 2-factor user authentication and unified access to physical, network and enterprise application assets. OneSign provides affordable Enterprise Single Sign-on solution for organizations that need quick and effective password security.

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Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Solutions develops and manufactures Mobile Workstations, Medication Carts and Processing Systems that elevate Healthcare customers’ performance by working to understand their challenges and offering high quality, integrated solutions. 

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IBM Tivoli

IBM TAM eSSO integrates with RFIDeas pcProx devices to read proximity cards and contactless smart cards to provide strong user authentication and unified access to information, network, and physical resources.  TAM eSSO also integrates with the pcProx Sonar for walk away security.

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Identity Automation

Identity Automation makes it easier to address security threats with the most complete and scalable IAM product on the market today. In addition to IAM products, Identity Automation partners with leading technology platforms and providers to deliver comprehensive identity solutions. 

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ShoCard, Inc., based in Cupertino, Calif., is a mobile-identity platform built using blockchain technology that provides a simple and intuitive mobile application for definitive authentication while protecting users’ privacy. This allows for a variety of use cases, such as repeat authentication, true-digital signature with non-perishable audit-trail, transaction authorization to prevent fraud, frictionless login services without username/passwords, and user authentication in financial transactions, travel, health, government and industries where digital identity matters.

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GVISION offers the most versatile product line of zero client touchscreen displays, ensuring that healthcare organizations will have the right product to fit their unique needs. GVISION’s design and modification expertise is unsurpassed in creating solutions for the most complex OEM designs and custom projects that integrate seamlessly – delivering superior features with the best mix of options available. GVISION’s integrated PCoIP® cloud displays are the world’s first zero client monitors with touchscreen capability, enabling healthcare providers to utilize their existing authentication credential to interact with the application by touching, dragging and turning the images on the screen.

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Solution Synergy

Solution Synergy welcomes all prospective RF IDeas buyers, particularly those from small to mid-range hospitals, clinics, manufacturers, or state & local governments. Our low cost Cybersecurity solutions include RF IDeas products and MFA/Single sign-on solutions for shared workstation environments, where speed, efficiency and extremely fast change of control, is critical to patient outcomes, manufacturing workflows, and emergency response teams.

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Transparent Screen Lock RFID enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes. Transparent Screen Lock RFID contains all of the features of Transparent Screen Lock PRO and is compatible with systems equipped with reader by RF IDeas and locking with pcProx Sonar.