High-Frequency RFID Readers

rf IDEAS high-frequency readers are created using WAVE ID® reader architecture to support a wide range of contactless smart cards, from 13.56 MHz to iCLASS or SEOS. These readers are designed to accommodate the latest secure WAVE ID technology, which includes advanced cryptographic features. This contactless smart card technology is among the most secure options available and is fully interoperable. 



The WAVE ID SP Plus card reader can read both single frequency and high frequency smart cards. It maximizes the value of your existing card system and is equipped with an externally accessible SIM slot for flexible secure credential needs. 

Wave ID Nano reader


The WAVE ID Nano reader is the world's smallest badge reader, available in USB-A or USB-C. Its compact size makes it ideal for first responders, military professionals, and on-the-go or remote workers in various industries. 


WAVE ID Playback

WAVE ID® Playback

WAVE ID Playback maximizes the value of existing control systems. It interfaces contactless cards to systems without updates or changes. No need for pilot testing or training. Playback can read and record data on the card.

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