Education Solutions

WAVE ID® readers are compatible with the widest range of card types, and support a growing number of mobile credentials. They’re available in form factors that are ideal for integration with laptops and desktops, kiosks and vending systems, secure printers, classroom and event access, cafeteria systems, badge enrollment systems, mustering points and more.


rf IDEAS Configuration Utility User Manual

The rf IDEAS Configuration Utility User Manual provides users with guidance on the rf IDEAS Configuration utility and how to successfully setup their WAVE ID® Solo and WAVE ID® Plus readers.

pcProx® Legacy Manual

For use with the legacy pcProx Enroll, pcProx Enroll for FIPS201/CAC/PIV
cards, and Wiegand converters.

ASCII Manual

For pcProx Plus, pcProx 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz Enroll, and Wiegand

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Serialio provides intuitive solutions combining state-of-the-art software and hardware. The solutions focus on serial data connectivity. Serialio incorporates mobile cross-platform Bluetooth barcode and RFID scanning solutions using RF IDeas technologies.

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ShoCard, Inc., based in Cupertino, Calif., is a mobile-identity platform built using blockchain technology that provides a simple and intuitive mobile application for definitive authentication while protecting users’ privacy. This allows for a variety of use cases, such as repeat authentication, true-digital signature with non-perishable audit-trail, transaction authorization to prevent fraud, frictionless login services without username/passwords, and user authentication in financial transactions, travel, health, government and industries where digital identity matters.

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Provides IP security solutions to international markets such as transportation, education, retail, gaming, government utilizing RF IDeas' reader for enrollment and authentication.

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Datastrip Inc.

Datastrip manufactures the DSVII line of mobile card readers with integrated prox, contact and contactless smart card reading and on-board biometric matching for identity verification systems.

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i-Attend & Event-Attendance Pro

i-Attend Cloud and Mobile Solutions provide the software that enables you to Track Attendance and Registration for your events, classes, professional development training and other meets! Use i-Attend to generate your Name Badges, Certificates, Online Registration Forms, Evaluations and Reports. 

Event-Attendance Pro is a desktop software that allows you to track attendance for your classes, workshops, training sessions or other events using portable proximity card readers or barcode scanners. It is an affordable and very easy-to-use software product.

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Quintron® delivers integrated communications and secure enterprise access solutions under one platform. Quintron’s cost effective enterprise access control and integrated system solutions are customized to fit any healthcare facility, using existing ID badges or other credentials.