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Why Multi-Factor Authentication is Important and How to Implement It

Beyond the government cybersecurity executive order, every commercial enterprise needs to take action for a secure, productive future. Even businesses not directly affected by government-imposed cybersecurity orders are still at risk of cyberattacks. In fact, the danger is considerably higher today than it was just a year ago. As more government-related enterprises reinforce the systems that protect access to their digital infrastructure and data, hackers are turning their attention to commercial enterprises that have failed to recognize and repair the chinks in their armor.

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Cybersecurity for Manufacturers: 4 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Plant Cybersecurity Procedures

Just as banking, insurance, and government leaders were forced to quickly ramp up cyber defenses in the past few years, manufacturing professionals must today make securing their technologies, production lines, facilities, and processes a top priority. As companies expand their connectivity and reliance on cloud computing, major security gaps emerge. And that means the potential for big problems.

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rf IDEAS supports FIDO2 for seamless, passwordless authentication

rf IDEAS, a leading manufacturer of credential readers for authentication and logical access, is pleased to announce that select models of its WAVE ID® Plus, WAVE ID® Nano and WAVE ID® Nano OEM card reader families now support the FIDO2 NFC protocol. This technology brings seamless, passwordless authentication to security-critical enterprises in finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing, education and other markets.

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