Contact your local rf IDEAS regional manager for assistance with identifying a technology partner that can help with your specific application.

key source international logo

Key Source International

KSI manufactures award-winning keyboards and desktop security products used by healthcare, retailers, government, and corporate end users around the globe. Integrated fingerprint biometrics, RF IDeas contactless badge reader technology, and a complete software-driven desktop infection control program designed specifically for the healthcare industry sets KSI products apart from competitors. The company offers customers the foolproof security of dual authentication in a single, compact device.

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ITS (Info Technology Supply Ltd) is a leading software development company specialising in access management and is one of the largest independent suppliers of print, copy and scan control solutions.  ITS is vendor neutral and supports dealers who promote any chosen range of devices. 


eio board


Leaders in replacing traditional white-board style in/out boards with an electronic in and out status board, they’ve branched out to offer kiosks and large screen in/out board displays to facilitate employee punches, guest login, and recognize at-a-glance who's in and who's out. They offer a mobile and desktop application, an Outlook Add-in, a browser, and an SDK that can be used interchangeably to update or view in/out status, schedule information, or contact details. 

profit key logo


ProfitKey delivers manufacturing solutions, from the front office to the shop floor. The solutions integrate RF IDeas' readers for employee identification, authentication, quality and process control tracking.

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CCR Data Systems

For over thirty years CCR has specialized in providing solutions for the retail POS community and supporting those solutions with exceptional, retail-intensive service. Integrates pcProx for employee access and identification

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PaperCut Software International

PaperCut provides a low cost, multi-platform software solution that enables schools, libraries and businesses of any size to manage, account and recover print, copy, fax and scan output via user login or card ID. Typical uses include; student / patron charging, staff account billing, secure job release with “Find Me” pull printing, driverless web printing and auto enforced job routing based on administrator defined attributes.

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MyQ Solution

MyQ is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with additional branches in Austria, France, Germany, Russia, UAE, the UK, and the USA, and has partners in over 80 countries. MyQ greatly lowers security risks and printing-related costs to provide organizations with immediate ROI and continuous savings. Going beyond managed print services (MPS), MyQ additionally enables personalized document workflows, mobile printing capabilities, and extensive reporting options.

Hutchinson Technologies

Hutchison Technologies Ltd

We’re in the business of designing better experiences for our clients and their customers. We’ve built our reputation on designing spectacular audio visual experiences and fully integrated data and telecoms for clients across the Health & Fitness, Hospitality & Leisure and Retail sectors, and thanks to our supply chain management strengths and global partnerships, there's so much more we now deliver. Our team of talented and creative people work in collaboration to bring your innovative ideas to life.


Kronos Systems BVBA

Building on decades of experience and innovation, Kronos offers the most powerful software and services package available in the industry. Our solutions enable you to manage and engage your entire workforce from recruitment to retirement. Because workforce needs are constantly changing, Kronos solutions are designed to evolve with you. This way you can always respond to the challenges you face every day - regardless of your business sector or location.

swisslog logo


Swisslog's Warehouse & Distribution Solutions delivers leading industry-specific solutions based on RF IDeas' readers for automated and manual warehouses as well as for distribution centers.

snap on logo


Snap-on Incorporated (NYSE: SNA), a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users is incorporating RF IDeas' readers for employee identification, authentication and dispensing.


Evoke Creative Ltd

Evoke have been at the forefront of interactive digital technology since 2003 and work with some of the world’s biggest brands designing and manufacturing the latest in self-service solutions. At our purpose-built UK headquarters, we combine dynamic workspace, showroom, warehouse, factory and production lines. In total we have over 50,000 sqft of the very latest energy efficient facilities where we are investing in extensive R&D and creating a dynamic, flourishing workplace. Our highly trained production engineers work to continuously improve lean manufacturing processes and we deliver large scale roll outs of the highest quality to locations all over the world. With a culture of innovation and the best talent from around the country, evoke creative have the experience and capacity needed for your digital transformation. We’ve won awards for our cutting edge design, our manufacturing quality and our people-centric business.

shocard logo


ShoCard, Inc., based in Cupertino, Calif., is a mobile-identity platform built using blockchain technology that provides a simple and intuitive mobile application for definitive authentication while protecting users’ privacy. This allows for a variety of use cases, such as repeat authentication, true-digital signature with non-perishable audit-trail, transaction authorization to prevent fraud, frictionless login services without username/passwords, and user authentication in financial transactions, travel, health, government and industries where digital identity matters.