WAVE ID® Dual-Frequency Readers

Maximize the value of new and existing ID badges by providing simultaneous processing of 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. WAVE ID dual-frequency readers are ideal for securing networked devices and data while simplifying authorized access for employees and partners who may be using practically any credential—now or in the future.

Trust begins here.TM

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ZIP file

pcProx Plus AKB-P EDS File

pcProx Plus AKB-P EDS File

Last Revision Date: October 28, 2014

Size: 7.03 KB

File Type: Electronic Data Sheet for AKB-P Models

Power Requirements: 802.3af Class 0 compliant Hub, Router, Switch or midspan PoE injector. *Power injectors are available over the counter in most computer hardware stores or from catalog providers*




ZIP file

pcProx Config 5.2.33

pcProx Config 5.2.33

Last revision date: May 21, 2018

Size: 8.5 MB

Version: 5.2.33- We are in process of releasing a new version

Application type: Configuration software for the WAVE ID Solo, WAVE ID Plus for FIPS201/CAC/PIV cards.

PoE Manual

For use with pcProx and pcProx® Plus PoE reader.

ASCII Manual

For pcProx Plus, pcProx 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz Enroll, and Wiegand Converters.