Why Migrate to Mobile?

Mobile credentials, or the digital version of an ID badge, can securely and conveniently authenticate users via their mobile device. Because of the growing share of businesses adopting mobile-first strategies in their security framework, rf IDEAS has ensured our products work seamlessly to support digital wallets, including Apple, Google and Samsung.


The mobile access control credentials market is set to reach $750 million by 2028.1


By 2026, over 60% of the global population is predicted to use digital wallets.2


Universities are at the forefront of mobile credential adoption with 15% of institutions currently reaping the benefits of mobile student IDs on campus.3

Mobile Access Beyond the Door

Whether your credential choice is Bluetooth® or NFC digital wallet, mobile authentication unleashes the full potential of smartphones, so people can access more – quickly, simply, securely.

Single Sign On

Want your people to be more productive while eliminating the nuisance and security risk of passwords? 

Give users secure access to the devices, applications and data they need, across the organization, with the tap of a smartphone.

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Secure Print

Want to avoid fines, loss of intellectual property and reputational damage due to sensitive data being stolen from a printer? 

Secure print is made easy within the digital wallet – no longer needing pins or passwords to release documents while also providing an audit trail that reduces data breaches and print waste.

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Attendance Tracking

Want to gain real-time visibility into meeting attendance, contractor hours and visitor check-ins? 

Provide a simple, tap-and-go solution that eliminates cumbersome manual sign-ins and ensures accuracy while managing access.

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Cashless Vending

Want to mitigate point-of-sale bottlenecks and end the need to handle cash or fumble with credit cards?

Mobile multi-factor authentication is ideal for dining, self-service kiosks, vending machines and more.

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Space and Meeting

Want to eliminate paper-based scheduling processes, double-bookings and wasted time? 

Verify attendees with the tap of a smartphone to provide instant visibility into meeting schedules, available spaces, shared workstations and participant roles.

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Remote Work

Want to give remote and mobile workers instant, secure access to all the tools and data they need without relying on risky passwords?

Enable simple, secure authentication from any location using digital credentials that can be distributed and managed remotely.

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rf IDEAS Configuration Utility User Manual

The rf IDEAS Configuration Utility User Manual provides users with guidance on the rf IDEAS Configuration utility and how to successfully setup their WAVE ID® Solo and WAVE ID® Plus readers.