A Selection of Our Partners for Authentication in Healthcare

Our platform integrates into many of the leading healthcare systems, applications and devices for a seamless implementation. 

Presenter Presentation Times Title Abstract
<b>ChromeOS</b> <br/> Kate Rodman, Global Strategic Partnerships T: 3:30 PM <br>W: 10:30 AM <br>Th: 10:15 AM Modernize the delivery of healthcare with cloud first solutions To be announced
<b>IDmelon Technologies, Inc.</b> </br> Bahram Piri, CEO/Founder Th: 11:15 AM How Passkey will Revolutionize Workforce Authentication To be announced
<b>IGEL</b></br> Jason Mafra, Field CTO, NA T: 12:15 PM <br>W: 3:15 PM<br> Th: 1:00 PM Modernize your Endpoint DR Strategy and Eliminate Ransomware Concerns with IGEL In this session, IGEL's Healthcare CTO will discuss a new approach to eliminating ransomware and malware concerns on your endpoints without requiring a stack of security tools and agents. This secure by design approach will not only simplify overall endpoint management, but also reduce overall TCO by over 50%. If your current endpoint disaster strategy doesn't provide rapid recovery post incident with just a reboot, you'll want to join us for this session.
<b>Imprivata</b></br>Steve Furstenau, Director of Business Development T: 4:15 PM <br>W: 11:15 AM<br> Th: 1:45 PM Partnering for success: How Imprivata and rf IDEAS have changed the standards for security and convenience To be announced
<b>KSI</b> </br> Kevin Krause, KSI Representative T: 11:30 AM <br> W: 1:00 PM <br>Th: 2:30 PM Enhancing Healthcare Endpoint Security with Passwordless & Multifactor Authentication In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, ensuring the security of sensitive patient data continues to be of paramount importance. The industry is faced with the persistent challenge of eliminating insider threats at endpoints. With healthcare professionals needing seamless access to digital records and applications, traditional authentication methods often fall short of providing the required level of security. The healthcare sector finds itself grappling with the daunting task of securing its endpoints against both intentional and unintentional breaches.<br><br>This session dives deep into the transformative role keyboards can play in mitigating insider threats and bolstering endpoint security within healthcare settings. Participants will learn how harnessing integrated technologies such as RFID, fingerprint biometrics, BLE, and human presence detection within a keyboard offers a multifaceted approach to safeguarding patient data. Attendees will gain valuable insight into the benefits of FIDO-compliant authentication and how it empowers healthcare professionals to maintain airtight security protocols without compromising productivity.<br><br>Join this engaging session that explores the many capabilities of KSI security keyboards. Leave with a comprehensive understanding of how these advanced devices not only address current challenges but set the stage for a more secure and resilient future within the healthcare industry.
<b>LGE</b><br> Aaron Addison, Strategic AM/ PC KAM LG IT Endpoint Team W: 2:30 PM Revolutionizing Healthcare Workflows: LG's All-in-One "Tap and Go" Cloud Device In an era where healthcare demands efficiency, privacy, and seamless workflows, LG presents a groundbreaking solution poised to redefine the landscape. With integrated RFID technology facilitating swift access to patient information in compliance with industry regulations, LG sets a new standard for the healthcare industry. This presentation delves into the intricacies of LG's innovative cloud device, showcasing its ability to optimize workflows by eliminating idle time, streamlining login processes, and safeguarding patient privacy and data security.<br><br>Additionally, LG's All-in-One "Tap and Go" has been certified as Imprivata READY, further affirming its adherence to industry-leading standards in security and interoperability. By prioritizing seamless compatibility with peripherals, LG heralds a new era of efficiency and security in healthcare technology. Join us as we explore how LG's All-in-One "Tap and Go" revolutionizes healthcare organizations.
<b>MyQ</b><br> James Fischer, PreSales Manager - North America T: 1:00 PM <br> W: 1:45 PM <br> Th: 3:15 PM Secure Print Management: Empower the Security and Usability of Your Devices Healthcare organizations face a litany of challenges when it comes to data security. Regulations and organizational goals drive the need for extensive security policies, but the pace of business and direct nature of patient care often seem in direct conflict with these objectives. Growing costs of doing business have stretched already overburdened IT resources incredibly thin, leaving looming issues to be dealt with when they become current issues. Any project perceived to be adding to overhead and increasing support incidents is met with strong pushback and is often DOA regardless of its potential merit.<br><br>This session will go through how a streamlined, forward-thinking solution can provide the security to print and document workflow that healthcare demands while empowering an organization's users and IT staff. Unified UI and device management makes the system easy to use and administer, while the security safeguards mean compliancy across the organization's internal policies and regulatory compliance without adding layers of complexity and infrastructure requirements. We will highlight how interoperability for today and tomorrow's hardware and applications support current infrastructure without limiting future choices. MyQ addresses concerns over shared workstations, network traffic and uptime, and mobility support through user friendly clients and applications, all while providing full audit trail capabilities which keep common data accessible measuring KPIs while filters and alerts prevent data breaches.<br><br>Healthcare providers use MyQ to empower their staff to better focus on the primary goal of providing the best possible care to their patients.
<b>OpenText</b><br> Roger Nelson, Global Solutions Architect T: 2:00 PM <br> W: 4:15 PM <br> Th: 12:00 PM Passwordless Authentication: Time to drive the change As cyber incident rates continue to surge, industry professionals worry about the constant threat of security breaches. When even sophisticated organizations fall prey to advanced social engineering attacks, it’s clear that conventional security measures lag malicious capabilities. And according to IT and cybersecurity leaders, the gap is significant. For hospitals or healthcare in general, the cost of ransomware attacks may have a human cost as well, when critical system failures impact patient care.<br><br>This session will explore the benefits of passwordless technologies, and the overwhelming benefits derived when overcoming the barriers of adoption both internally but more importantly – externally. The move away from traditional username and password as discussed in the Darkreading report “The State of Passwordless Authentication: Security and Convenience Drive the Change” will simultaneously simplify and enhance security, particularly for your remote patient care.<br><br>For healthcare, this means providers can deliver improved remote care with the added benefit of more robust security. Simplified yet secure access can greatly help impaired patients who might have difficulty navigating complex authentication schemes.
<b>Softex</b><br> Apurva Bhansali, CEO/CTO T: 2:45 PM Bridging the gap between physical and logical access using SSO and MFA Cybersecurity attacks due to compromised passwords are on the rise dramatically. These attacks typically result in loss of operations and a compromise of critical data that can cost an organization millions of dollars. As a result, there is an industry wide push to implement MFA with single sign-on (SSO) to eliminate the risk of passwords. In many cases, MFA and SSO are mandated by governmental regulations or third-party requirements. In this presentation, we will first look at the current state of MFA and SSO implementations, which are typically using weak OTPs combined with passwords to implement basic 2FA authentication. Then we will explore how you can increase the security of MFA and SSO by using Softex’s OmniDefend IAM along with rf IDEAS readers and a standard TWIC/PIV/CAC/HID or other door access card to securely access a PC and other applications without using passwords.