End of Life (EOL) Notice

From time to time, some products of rf IDEAS will reach the end of their life cycle. This may happen for a variety of reasons such as innovation and new product development. With that in mind, EOL products are listed in the table below to help customers manage the end-of-life product transition.

Product Discontinuation Table IP67 Readers – Updated March 2024
EOL Model Replacement Model
KT-805W1AK5-IP67 RDR-805W1BK5 + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AKU-72-IP67 RDR-805W1BKU + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AKE-P-IP67 RDR-800W1BKE-P + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AK0-IP67 RDR-805W1BK0 + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AK2-IP67 EOL
KT-805W1AK7-IP67 RDR-805W1BK7 + KT-IP67
KT-800W1AK5-IP67 RDR-800W1BK5 + KT-IP67
KT-800W1AK7-IP67 RDR-800W1BK7 + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AK8-IP67 RDR-800W1BK8 + KT-IP67
KT-805W2AK0-IP67 RDR-805W2BK0 + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AK9-IP67 RDR-800W1BK9 + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AK9 -IP67 RDR-800W1BK9 + KT-IP67
KT-805W1BKU-IP67 RDR-805W1BKU + KT-IP67
KT-805W1BK0-IP67 RDR-805W1BK0 & KT-IP67
KT-805W1BK5-IP67 RDR-800W1BK5 + KT-IP67
KT-805W1AKU-IP67 RDR-805W1BKU + KT-IP67
KT-800W1AKU-IP67 RDR-800W1BKU + KT-IP67
Product Discontinuation List - Updated October 2023
EOL Model Replacement Model Discontinued Date
RDR-800N1-2 RDR-800N1B-2 23-Sep
RDR-805N2AKU-16-060 RDR-805N2BKU-C16-060 23-Sep
RDR-805N1-2 RDR-805N1B-2 23-Sep
RDR-800N2AK0 RDR-800N2BK0 23-Sep
RDR-800N1-2-WM RDR-800N1B-2-JST 23-Sep
RDR-805N2AKU-WM36-GE RDR-805N2BKU-JST-C36-GE 23-Sep
RDR-805N1AKU RDR-805N1BKU 23-Sep
RDR-805N2AKU-C06 RDR-805N2BKU-C06 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AK0 RDR-800N1BK0 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AK8 RDR-800N1BK8 23-Sep
RDR-805N2AK0 RDR-805N2BK0 23-Sep
RDR-80031BKU RDR-80031BKU-V2 23-Sep
RDR-80031BKU-C06 RDR-80031BKU-V2-C06 23-Sep
RDR-80031BKU-C16 RDR-80031BKU-V2-C16 23-Sep
RDR-80032BKU RDR-80032BKU-V2 23-Sep
RDR-80032BKU-C16 RDR-80032BKU-V2-C16 23-Sep
Discontinued SKUs
EOL SKU Discontinued Date
RDR-800N1AKU 23-Sep
RDR-805N1AKU-C06 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AK0-C16 23-Sep
RDR-805N1AK5 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AKU-C16 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AKU-WM 23-Sep
RDR-805N1AK0-C16 23-Sep
RDR-805N1AKU-C16 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AK4 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AK7 23-Sep
RDR-805N2AKU-WM36 23-Sep
RDR-805N2AKU-WM-C72 23-Sep
RDR-805N1AK7 23-Sep
RDR-800N1AKU-ICE 23-Sep

Acceptance of last-buy purchase requests is based on parts availability. There are finite number of parts available to build several of the readers so when that supply has been consumed the readers requiring those parts will no longer be available. 

Product Discontinuation List - Updated September 2023
EOL Model Replacement Model Discontinued Date
RDR-80081AK0 RDR-80031BK0 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK0-C06 RDR-80031BK0-C06 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK0-C16 RDR-80031BK0-C16 23 - Aug
RDR-80082AK0 RDR-80032BK0 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AK0 RDR-80531BK0 23 - Aug
RDR-80582AK0 RDR-80532BK0 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AK0 RDR-800W1BK0 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK0 RDR-805W1BK0 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK0-C72 RDR-805W1BK0-C72 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK0-IP67 KT-805W1BK0-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-805W2AK0-IP67 KT-805W2BK0-IP67 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK5 RDR-80031BK5 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AK5 RDR-80531BK5 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AK5 RDR-800W1BK5 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK5 RDR-805W1BK5 23 - Aug
KT-800W1AK5-IP67 KT-800W1BK5-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK5-IP67 KT-805W1BK5-IP67 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK6 RDR-805W1BK6 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK6-IP67 KT-805W1BK6-IP67 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK7 RDR-80031BK7 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AK7 RDR-80531BK7 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AK7 RDR-800W1BK7 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK7 RDR-805W1BK7 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AK8 RDR-800W1BK8 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK8 RDR-800W1BK8 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK9 RDR-80031BK9 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AK9 RDR-80031BK9 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AK9 RDR-800W1BK9 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK9 RDR-800W1BK9 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AKB-P RDR-80031BKB-P 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AKB-P RDR-80531BKB-P 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AKB-P RDR-800W1BKB-P 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AKB-P RDR-805W1BKB-P 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AWB-P RDR-805W1BKB-P 23 - Aug
KT-800W1AKB-P-IP67 KT-800W1BKB-P-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AKB-P-IP67 KT-805W1BKB-P-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AWB-P-IP67 KT-805W1BKB-P-IP67 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AKE-P RDR-805W1BKE-P 23 - Aug
RDR-80031BKU RDR-80031BKU-V2 23 - Sept
RDR-80031BKU-C06 RDR-80031BKU-V2-C06 23 - Sept
RDR-80031BKU-C16 RDR-80031BKU-V2-C16 23 - Sept
RDR-80032BKU RDR-80032BKU-V2 23 - Sept
RDR-80032BKU-C16 RDR-80032BKU-V2-C16 23 - Sept

* Available in Q4 2023

Discontinued SKUs
EOL SKU Discontinued Date
RDR-800W1AK0-C72 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK9-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-800W1AK7-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK7-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-800W1AK8-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK8-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK9-IP67 23 - Aug
KT-80581AKB-P-EVAL 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AKE-P 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AKE-P 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AKE-P-IP67 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK2 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AK2 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AK2 23 - Aug
KT-805W1AK2-IP67 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK6 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AK6 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AK6 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AK8 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AK8 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AKD-P 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AKD-P 23 - Aug
RDR-80081AKE 23 - Aug
RDR-80581AKE 23 - Aug
RDR-800W1AKE 23 - Aug
RDR-805W1AKE 23 - Aug

Acceptance of last-buy purchase requests is based on parts availability. There are finite number of parts available to build several of the readers so when that supply has been consumed the readers requiring those parts will no longer be available. 

Product Discontinuation as of June 2023
EOL SKU Replacement SKU Discontinued Date
RDR-800W1AKU RDR-800W1BKU 23-June
RDR-800W1AKU-C36 RDR-800W1BKU 23-June
RDR-800W1AKU-C72 RDR-800W1BKU 23-June
RDR-800W2AKU RDR-800W2BKU 23-June
RDR-805W1AKU RDR-805W1BKU 23-June
RDR-805W1AKU-C36 RDR-805W1BKU 23-June
RDR-805W1AKU-C72 RDR-805W1BKU 23-June
RDR-805W2AKU RDR-805W2BKU 23-June
RDR-805W2AKU-C36 RDR-805W2BKU 23-June
OEM-800N11KU OEM-800N11KU-V3* 23-June
OEM-800N11KU-X OEM-800N11KU-V3-X* 23-June
OEM-800N21KU OEM-800N21KU-V3* 23-June
OEM-805N11KU OEM-805N11KU-V3 23-June
OEM-805N11KU-S-X OEM-805N11KU-V3-X 23-June
OEM-805N11KU-X OEM-805N11KU-V3-X 23-June
OEM-805N1AKU OEM-805N11KU-V3 23-June
OEM-805N21KU OEM-805N21KU-V3 23-June
OEM-805N21KU-X OEM-805N21KU-V3-X 23-June
OEM-805N2AKU OEM-805N21KU-V3 23-June
KT-800W1AKU-IP67 KT-800W1BKU-IP67 23-June
KT-805W1AKU-72-IP67 KT-805W1BKU-IP67 23-June
KT-805W1AKU-IP67 KT-805W1BKU-IP67 23-June
OEM-800N11KU OEM-800N11KU-V3* 23-June
OEM-805N1AKU-M2 N/A; Discontinued Model 23-June
OEM-805X1BXU-Z N/A; Discontinued Model 23-June
OEM-805X2BXU-Y N/A; Discontinued Model 23-June
OEM-OPTW ** N/A; Discontinued Model 23-June

* Available in Q3 2023

** Note: All customers may contact the manufacturer directly at www.cypressintegration.com for recommended compatibility and replacement.

KT-6081AKU 22-Feb
KT-6081APU 22-Feb
OEM-805X1AXU-Z 22-Feb
RDR-60N1AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-60N1AKU-C16 22-Feb
RDR-60W1AK6 22-Feb
RDR-60W1AW0 22-Feb
RDR-60W1AW7 22-Feb
RDR-60W1AWE 22-Feb
RDR-6281APU 22-Feb
RDR-62N1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-62W1AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-6382AK2 22-Feb
RDR-63W2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6681AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6981AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-69W1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-69W2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6C82AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6D81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6E81AK7 22-Feb
RDR-6E81AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-6E81AKU-C16 22-Feb
RDR-6E81APU 22-Feb
RDR-6EW1AK5 22-Feb
RDR-6G81AK2 22-Feb
RDR-6H81AK5 22-Feb
RDR-6H81AK7 22-Feb
RDR-6H81AK8 22-Feb
RDR-6H82AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6HN1AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-6HW1AK2 22-Feb
RDR-6HW1AK5 22-Feb
RDR-6HW1AK7 22-Feb
RDR-6HW1AK8 22-Feb
RDR-6K81AK0 22-Feb
RDR-6K81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6K81AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-6N81APU 22-Feb
RDR-6NN1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6NW1AK2 22-Feb
RDR-6R82AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6T82AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6Z81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6Z82AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7081BKE 22-Feb
RDR-7081BKU-ICE0013 22-Feb
RDR-7081BKU-ICE0067 22-Feb
RDR-7082BKU-C16 22-Feb
RDR-70W1BK0 22-Feb
RDR-70W1BK8 22-Feb
RDR-70W1BKE 22-Feb
RDR-7L81APU (V2) 22-Feb
RDR-7LH1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7LH3AKU 22-Feb
RDR-800W1AWU 22-Feb
RDR-80582APU 22-Feb
KT-805W1AKB-P-IP67 22-Feb
OEM-7021AXU 22-Feb
OEM-805N1AKU-C36 22-Feb
OEM-805N2AKU-02 22-Feb
OEM-805X2AXU-Z 22-Feb
RDR-30582AKU (V2) 22-Feb
RDR-6081AK5 22-Feb
RDR-6081AKU-G10201 22-Feb
RDR-60N2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-60W1AWU 22-Feb
RDR-6381APU 22-Feb
RDR-6781AK0 22-Feb
RDR-6981AK0 22-Feb
RDR-6981APU 22-Feb
RDR-69D2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6E81AK0 22-Feb
RDR-6E81AK5 22-Feb
RDR-6EW2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6G81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6H81AK2 22-Feb
RDR-6H81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6NN1-5 22-Feb
RDR-6T81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7080AKU-C16 22-Feb
RDR-7081AK0 22-Feb
RDR-7081BK7 22-Feb
RDR-7085AK0 22-Feb
RDR-7085AKU-590 22-Feb
RDR-70W1BK2 22-Feb
RDR-70W1BK7 22-Feb
RDR-70W1BKU 22-Feb
RDR-7581AK0-FW810 22-Feb
RDR-7581AK5 22-Feb
RDR-7581AK7 22-Feb
RDR-7585AK0 22-Feb
RDR-7585AK7-SL 22-Feb
RDR-75N1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-75N1AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-75W1AK5 22-Feb
RDR-75W1AK7 22-Feb
RDR-75W2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7F81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7J81AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7LW2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-800N1AK5 22-Feb
RDR-800W1AK0 22-Feb
RDR-80581AKE 22-Feb
RDR-80581AKU 22-Feb
RDR-80582APU 22-Feb
RDR-805H2AGU 22-Feb
RDR-805H2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-805N1-2-WM 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AK0-C16 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AK8 22-Feb
RDR-805N2AKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-805W1AKB-P 22-Feb
KT-6081AKU-DEMO 22-Feb
KT-75W5AK8-IP67 22-Feb
KT-7L81AKU4 22-Feb
KT-800W1AK0-IP67 22-Feb
KT-800W1AKE-P-IP67 22-Feb
KT-80581AKU-EVAL 22-Feb
KT-USB-RS232-CAB 22-Feb
OEM-6022AXU-SSH 22-Feb
OEM-7512AXU-SSH 22-Feb
OEM-805N1AK0 22-Feb
OEM-805N1AK5 22-Feb
OEM-805N1AKT-02 22-Feb
OEM-805N1AKU-C16 22-Feb
OEM-805N2AKT-07 22-Feb
OEM-805N2AKU-02C 22-Feb
RDR-6081AK0-FW810 22-Feb
RDR-6081AKU-78X-C06 22-Feb
RDR-60D1AKU-ED 22-Feb
RDR-60N1AK0 22-Feb
RDR-60N1AK0-C06 22-Feb
RDR-60N1AKU-G10201 22-Feb
RDR-60W1AW2 22-Feb
RDR-6311AKU-14966 22-Feb
RDR-6312AKU-11207 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-09X-C16 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-1009X 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-10103 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-10189 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-11207 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-11428 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-11711 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-11789 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-14869 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-15024-16 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-15083 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-15156 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-15385 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-15512 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-16012 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-16314 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-16918 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-17183 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-17205 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-17531 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-17620 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-18481 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-1852X 22-Feb
RDR-6381AKU-C16 22-Feb
RDR-6381APU-18538 22-Feb
RDR-6382AKU-15385 22-Feb
RDR-6382AKU-15652 22-Feb
RDR-63D1AKU-11428 22-Feb
RDR-63W1AKU-10189 22-Feb
RDR-63W1AKU-15652 22-Feb
RDR-6781AKU-5Y 22-Feb
RDR-67D1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6922AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6E22AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6ED1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6EW1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-6ND1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7081BKU-I55-007 22-Feb
RDR-7081BPU-5Y 22-Feb
RDR-7082BKU-C06 22-Feb
RDR-70W1BK0-C72 22-Feb
RDR-7582AKU-CDM 22-Feb
RDR-75D2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-75N5AKU 22-Feb
RDR-75W5AK5 22-Feb
RDR-7FW1AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7L83AKU-BNP 22-Feb
RDR-7LN2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7LW2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-7Y81BKU-CB 22-Feb
RDR-80081AKE-P 22-Feb
RDR-80081AKU-55-006 22-Feb
RDR-80081APU 22-Feb
RDR-80082AKU-056 22-Feb
RDR-800H3AKU 22-Feb
RDR-800N1AK5 22-Feb
RDR-800N1AKU-WM72 22-Feb
RDR-800N2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-800W1AK0-C72 22-Feb
RDR-800W1AK2 22-Feb
RDR-80581APU-C16 22-Feb
RDR-80582AK0-C06 22-Feb
RDR-80583AKU 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AK0 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AK2 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AK6 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AK9 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AKU-16-052 22-Feb
RDR-805N1AKU-WM72 22-Feb
RDR-805N2AK0-C06 22-Feb
RDR-805N2AKU 22-Feb
RDR-30581AKU 22-Feb
RDR-30582AKU* 22-Feb
RDR-30581BKU 22-Feb
OEM-805X1AXU-Y 21-Jul
OEM-805X1AXU-Z 21-Jul
OEM-805X2AXU-Y 21-Jul
OEM-805X2AXU-Z 21-Jul
RDR-7081AK0 22-Sep
RDR-7081BK0 22-Sep
RDR-7081BK2 22-Sep
RDR-7081BK5 22-Sep
RDR-7081BK6 22-Sep
RDR-7081BK7 22-Sep
RDR-7081BK8 22-Sep
RDR-7081BK9 22-Sep
RDR-7081BKU 22-Sep
RDR-7081BKU-5Y 22-Sep
RDR-7081BKU-C06 22-Sep
RDR-7081BKU-C16 22-Sep
RDR-7081BPU 22-Sep
RDR-7082BKU 22-Sep
RDR-70W1BK2 22-Sep
RDR-70W1BK5 22-Sep
RDR-70W1BK7 22-Sep
RDR-70W1BK9 22-Sep
RDR-70W1BW0 22-Sep
KT-80581AKU 22-Oct
KT-80581AKU-5Y 22-Oct
RDR-80581AKU 22-Oct
RDR-80581AKU-5Y 22-Oct
RDR-80581AKU-C06 22-Oct
RDR-80581AKU-C16 22-Oct
RDR-80581APU 22-Oct
RDR-80581APU-C16 22-Oct
RDR-80582AKU 22-Oct
RDR-80582AKU-C06 22-Oct
RDR-80582AKU-C16 22-Oct
RDR-80582APU 22-Oct
RDR-80081AKU 22-Oct
RDR-80081AKU-C06 22-Oct
RDR-80081AKU-C16 22-Oct
RDR-80082AKU 22-Oct
RDR-80082AKU-C16 22-Oct