From downtime to cyberthreats and labor shortages, the manufacturing industry faces myriad challenges each day. To run a tight ship, manufacturers must ensure the right personnel are authorized to the right lines, equipment and shifts.

However, traditional attendance tracking methods like manual sign-in sheets or punch clocks expose manufacturers to risks like human error, unauthorized access and security breaches. Instead of relying on legacy methods that leave them susceptible to safety risks and delays, manufacturers need attendance tracking solutions to unlock real-time data about employee attendance and location.


Why is attendance tracking essential in the manufacturing industry?


Mustering and evacuation plans are crucial in manufacturing environments. Without the right measures in place, manufacturers may face significant challenges in quickly locating and accounting for all employees during an emergency, leading to increased safety risks and prolonged operational disruptions.


In addition, manufacturers need accurate records of training session attendance and completion for compliance and certification purposes. A centralized, streamlined attendance tracking system is vital to keep all of these aspects of manufacturing operations running smoothly. Manufacturing organizations that lay the foundation for an attendance tracking system can track shift workers easily, improving the accuracy of reported hours and enhancing payroll operations.


5 attendance tracking use cases for manufacturers


5 attendance tracking use cases for manufacturers


rf IDEAS’ WAVE ID® readers streamline attendance tracking so you can optimize workflows, mitigate risks and minimize disruptions. By ensuring accurate and effortless logging of employee shifts, training attendance and access to amenities, you can improve overall operational efficiency and safety.

Here are five areas where WAVE ID readers make attendance tracking more accurate:


1. Time clock integration


Traditional time clocks often require employees to enter a code or PIN, but entry can be time-consuming, especially during peak hours when shifts change. Additionally, the practice of PIN sharing, where employees clock in for one another, can introduce security vulnerabilities and compromise the integrity of attendance data.

WAVE ID readers streamline the process of clocking in and out. Rather than manually entering a PIN, employees tap their badges for quick and secure access. This results in more accurate attendance records, which are essential for payroll accuracy and labor compliance.


2. Mustering during emergencies


During an emergency requiring evacuation, such as a fire, knowing who is still inside the facility is critical. Traditional roll calls or manual check-ins are time-consuming and potentially inaccurate. However, by using WAVE ID readers, you can automate the mustering process to boost efficiency.

When an emergency occurs, employees check in with their badges at designated safety points. The system then instantly updates, enabling real-time comparison against the time clock log to identify who is missing. That way, you can take action quickly if needed to complete the evacuation and ensure all employees are safe.


3. Meeting and special event attendance


WAVE ID readers simplify the process of monitoring attendance at meetings, seminars or special events. Instead of manually signing attendance sheets, employees simply scan their badges upon entry. Using an attendance tracking solution in this way enables you to improve accountability, maintain compliance and assess engagement in corporate initiatives more easily.


4. Training session attendance


Maintaining precise attendance records for training sessions is essential for meeting compliance standards and obtaining certifications. Paper forms or manual sign-in sheets can often be lost or illegible. By contrast, badges enable participants to register their attendance without the hassle or risks of manual entry. Our readers also facilitate training record verification so your employees can quickly access secure equipment like shared workstations.


5. Meals and amenities utilization


In facilities with cafés or other employee amenities, tracking usage can be difficult. WAVE ID readers can monitor employee access and utilization, deterring abuse and ensuring amenities are used appropriately. By requiring employees to scan their badges, you can gather data on how often amenities are used to inform decisions on facility management and cost control. A data-driven approach helps manage resources efficiently and enhance the employee experience.


Keep operations on track with attendance tracking


The manufacturing industry relies on consistent attendance to keep operations running smoothly for every use case. Whether it’s a planned event, emergency, or facility amenity being used, tracking provides a user-friendly experience for employees and valuable workplace data for the employer. Without modern attendance tracking capabilities, managing workforce efficiency becomes challenging, leading to potential disruptions in production and increased operational costs. WAVE ID readers can significantly mitigate these issues by providing real-time tracking of employee attendance and additional logical access authentication possibilities.

rf IDEAS solutions also unlock single sign-on authentication, secure print management and cashless vending so you can streamline workplace processes, enhance security and improve user convenience across your organization.

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