Recently, rf IDEAS CTO, Tim Collins, shared his insights on how Bluetooth® technology can impact our working environments. His latest LinkedIn article detailed the technology’s role in the manufacturing department. From providing accountability for line workers, to monitoring the health of a machine, saving a company from downtime, Bluetooth technology plays an integral role in helping the manufacturing environment run smoothly. What’s more, Rockwell Automation hosted an event last fall that touched on the very topic of optimization through smart authentication.

In the manufacturing world, it’s often hard to tangibly account for the benefits of RFID-enabled authentication. RFID operator authentication technology helps from the moment we enter the workplace to the moment we sign out, and everywhere in between. The benefits, although not often top-of-mind, expand beyond simplifying our daily tasks, into helping us be in compliance with industry regulations. For example, in manufacturing, RFID authentication allows for:

  • Faster employee logon and log off
  • Elimination of shared password/accounts
  • Provides accountability for operators
  • Provides an audit trail
  • Insures compliance with Industry regulations
  • Leverages existing physical access badges
  • Employee familiarity with existing badges reduces training time
  • Enhances ROI of badge technology investment
  • Leverages BLE beacons and smart devices


Take a look around your manufacturing facility. Can you confirm today, that only authorized users are changing set points and initiating automated processes? Are you sure the manufacturing process is controlled, and can reference valid and qualified data for audit? From HMI access that supports industry compliance and safety regulations through authenticated access, User Authentication through RFID technology is propagating through the manufacturing environment, optimizing your time so you can be efficient and accurate. Incorporating BLE just extends the capabilities of a user authentication RFID solution. For example, it enables the ability to do the following:

  • Flexibility to use either an employee ID badge or a BLE beacon (tag, mobile device) for instant identification and authentication
  • Improve organizational workflow by streamlining the authentication process
  • Help track activities to the individual level
  • Item tracking / inventory management (supplies, tools) using BLE beacons
  • Facility navigation leveraging BLE  technology
  • Time and attendance
  • Meeting attendance, visitor management
  • Dispensing
  • Mustering


In fact, you can see all the ways in this interactive manufacturing facility diagram.

To learn more how rf IDEAS can support your manufacturing facility through RFID authentication, visit our dedicated manufacturing website, or visit our Knowledge Center