Without authentication, there is no security. See how these common security protocols and simplification efforts are relevant to EVERY industry.

Summertime often means downtime for students, teachers and others, but for network administrators in the education field, it often signals the busy season. From secure print to Identity Access Management (IAM) across campus, these are the security protocols and streamlining efforts that are top-of-mind for network administrators.

Secure Print

Organizations think to put locks on their doors and secure their workstations, but then they print confidential information and leave it on the printer for anyone to see. Close the loop on your security efforts by installing an easy-to-use secure print solution that requires authentication before releasing a job. Not only will this eliminate the risk of unauthorized individuals seeing the personal information you print, but it also will help streamline cost savings as you create a mindful printing environment where your network is secure, and only jobs that actually need to be printed are released to print.  


IAM solutions use an RFID reader to collect data from a proximity or smart card, like an employee or student ID, and then process the data according to the rules set out by IAM software. The benefits of IAM for an educational setting are tremendous and can support authentication for tasks like desktop access, secure print efforts and cafeteria orders. What’s more, IAM uses existing ID systems to authenticate through the RFID chip on the badge, which means that your faculty and students don’t have to carry additional credentials.

Smart Enrollment Efforts

In an educational setting, enrollment is a laborious task. Collecting the data needed to register for a new class, signing-up for an extracurricular activity, or even registering for a library card all can be streamlined with a badge reader. So as your organization is looking into security protocols this summer, take a look into streamlining other efforts through the use of RFID technology and your existing badge systems.

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