In the World of Authentication, Identity Access Management is King

access management

In our recent newsletter, we discussed how single sign-on, a type of identity access management (IAM), is a must-have security protocol for all organizations. Not only does the technology save organizations time, (some estimates put the savings at 25 hours per week when implementing an SSO solution) but it also increases security.

While SSO is a specific type of IAM, IAM has been around for years and is relevant for nearly every industry in every market. I often like to refer to IAM as the 3 Rights:

  • The Right Information: An IAM solution ensures that the right information is accessed, limiting other protected information from being either intentionally or unintentionally accessed.
  • The Right Person: An IAM solution verifies that you have the right credentials to access the information requested.
  • The Right Time: An IAM solution makes sure that the information you're accessing is appropriate for you at the given time; i.e., it's ready for your eyes.

At RF IDeas, we see IAM solutions deployed for multiple reasons. On the manufacturing floor, an IAM solution can be mounted on a human-machine interface (HMI) to ensure only authorized staff access the machinery. In healthcare, IAM comes in handy at the workstation, where HIPAA regulations require the protection of patient records. In education, IAM eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces licensing fees - benefits we discuss more here.

Whether you're new to the world of IAM and exploring the options available to your organization, or are well-versed on the topic and interested in learning what's new in the space, our team at RF IDeas would love to chat with you more about your authentication strategies. I invite you to discover our leading card readers for application solutions here and contact our team for more information.