Alert Enterprise Partners with rf IDEAS to Enhance Authentication and Logical Access


Alert Enterprise is thrilled to announce a new partnership with rf IDEAS, a globally recognized provider of WAVE ID® credential readers for authentication and logical access. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the quest for more secure, seamless, unified access management and authentication solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge RFID and NFC technology, this alliance promises to not only boost security but also streamline the user experience across various platforms. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realms of physical and logical access security.


Unified Identity Management for Enhanced Security


The synergy between Alert Enterprise and rf IDEAS facilitates a holistic approach to identity management, ensuring that every individual – whether an employee, contractor, or visitor – is securely and efficiently authenticated across all access and end points. This integration between Alert Enterprise Guardian and the rf IDEAS WAVE ID platform supports real-time automation of controls and enforces Zero-Trust policies, ensuring airtight security across all facilities.

“We’re excited to partner with Alert Enterprise to enable organizations to merge their physical and logical environments,” commented Raul Cepeda Jr., Vice President of Product and Marketing. “Our industry-leading WAVE ID readers support the world’s leading physical and mobile credentials to enable a more secure, seamless and productive logical access user experience.”

Our joint effort aims to elevate compliance, productivity, and trust levels, positively influencing organizational outcomes for use cases such as IT network login, secure printing, time and attendance, mustering, and point-of-sale systems, visitor management and more.


Customer Adoption Through a Seamless Integration Solution


Alert Enterprise and rf IDEAS are at the forefront of a groundbreaking deployment, streamlining authentication and logical access for a major player in the manufacturing industry.

This innovative project focuses on a solution for users without corporate SSO or email to access Learning Management System (LMS) training PCs using existing RFID badges from the client's physical access control systems seamlessly integrated into SAP IAS and SAP LMS. This method allows for the use of ID badges and USB rf IDEAS readers at accessing PCs, streamlining deployment, and enhancing security without the overhead and risk associated with traditional login methods for external personas.

"We're excited to showcase our innovative approach to cyber-physical identity management and in partnership with rf IDEAS. This deployment not only highlights our capability to meet complex customer needs but also sets a new standard for securing non-employee logical access in the industry," says Shane Butler, VP of Global Sales at Alert Enterprise.

This approach significantly reduces the client's license and maintenance costs and provides a secure credential to gain logical access to learning PCs.


Looking Forward


The collaboration between Alert Enterprise and rf IDEAS offers an easily adoptable solution and signifies a leap towards more integrated, efficient, and secure environments, reinforcing our commitment to pioneering innovative security solutions.



About rf IDEAS


rf IDEAS, Inc. stands as a vanguard in the arena of logical access solutions, serving diverse sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, government, education, and enterprise. The company's globally trusted WAVE ID readers come from robust alliances with leading identity and access management providers. These readers facilitate innovative solutions for single sign-on, secure printing, time and attendance, visitor management, and mobile authentication, and are compatible with nearly all physical and mobile credentials worldwide.