rf IDEAS embraces the future of mobile authentication with its newest solution portfolio

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL., July 30, 2019 — rf IDEAS now offers a robust and comprehensive portfolio of mobile access solutions based on Orange Business Services and Safetrust credentials, with additional mobile solutions planned for release in 2019 and 2020.

Today’s smartphones offer artificial intelligence capabilities that support a robust digital persona. “Smartphones are already being used to securely authenticate users for physical access, check-in, payment and other scenarios,” explained David Cottingham, President of rf IDEAS. “We believe that mobile access solutions will play a central role in enterprise security as an increasingly mobile workforce requires access to multiple secure devices and applications throughout the workday.”

rf IDEAS’ commitment to empowering authentication through any device—including mobile access—cements its position as provider of the leading enterprise platform for identity acquisition within secure authentication and access solutions. Today’s announcement covers the pcProx® Plus BLE dual-frequency proximity, contactless smart card and mobile credential reader with Bluetooth® low energy technology. The reader is available with two firmware versions.

Orange Business Services, a global communications operator, integrator and digital services company has developed software credentials to further the development of mobile access solutions. With an ambition to support the digital transformation in connected buildings and smart cities, the Pack ID mobile credential can simplify the lives of people on the go with use cases, including:

  • Logical access
  • Mobile wallet
  • Secure print
  • Cashless vending
  • Vehicle (park, share, charge)

rf IDEAS is the first reader vendor authorized to resell the Orange Business Services mobile credential.

The Safetrust Wallet mobile credential provides:

  • Logical access
  • Follow me print
  • Multiple badges
  • Card emulation: HID

rf IDEAS  provides the pcProx Plus BLE dual-frequency reader, and the Safetrust Wallet mobile credential is available from Safetrust.

With rf IDEAS  support for both traditional card-based and mobile credentials, these new readers from rf IDEAS set the standard for versatility and open access to the future of mobile authentication. To learn more, visit /solutions


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rf IDEAS, Inc. is a leader in the employee badge and card reader space for healthcare, manufacturing, government and enterprise. Partnering with leading technology companies, rf IDEAS readers enable innovative solutions for single sign-on, secure printing, attendance tracking and other applications that require authentication. rf IDEAS  readers support nearly all card type technologies worldwide as well as the growing set of mobile credentials. For more information about rf IDEAS solutions, visit https://www.rfideas.com.
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