rf IDEAS Presented the Dynamic Growth Champion Award for Year-Over-Year Growth at 2024 HP Partner Conference


rf IDEAS, a globally recognized provider of WAVE ID® credential readers for authentication and logical access, is proud to announce that it is the recipient of the 2024 HP Dynamic Champion Award for Year-Over-Year Growth. Presented at the 2024 HP Developer Conference in Seville, Spain, rf IDEAS’ Mike McLeod accepted this prestigious award that recognizes year-over-year growth and commitment to elevating both new and established products.

“Our partnership with HP over the last 16 years has been instrumental in achieving this award,” said Tod Besse, SVP of Global Sales at rf IDEAS. “This award showcases how collaboration can lead to remarkable outcomes, not only in terms of revenue but also in shaping the future of secure print authentication and logical access solutions.”

To reach a record year of revenue growth in 2023 and establish itself as one of HP’s leading growth partners in the Workforce Solutions Digital Services group, rf IDEAS collaborated with HP’s GTM teams to acquire significant secure print opportunities with top enterprise companies across various industries looking to migrate to secure smart card credentials and more future-proofed mobile solutions. This long-standing partnership has allowed rf IDEAS to establish a resilient supply chain to assist HP in reaching worldwide markets through direct MPS or indirect channels via global distributors. Furthermore, this award holds special significance, as only three were presented this year compared to last year’s 10.

“This award goes to the Partner whose product experienced the greatest year-over-year growth, demonstrating exceptional focus in driving both new and existing products to new heights. rf IDEAS’ strategic focus and meticulous attention to target critical deals has significantly boosted units and revenue growth, setting a new benchmark for success,” explained Jennifer Montague, Senior Manager, Print Software Portfolio & Alliances, Workforce Solutions.

This is the sixth award HP has given to rf IDEAS for various achievements including Partner Agility in 2021, Customer Focus in 2020, Partner Sales Excellence in 2017, Partner Collaboration in Excellence in 2016 and Partner in Excellence in 2014. As rf IDEAS celebrates this milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and continued collaboration with HP. The award serves as a testament to the power of strong partnerships in driving success for secure authentication solutions.

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About rf IDEAS 

rf IDEAS, Inc. stands as a vanguard in the arena of logical access solutions, serving diverse sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, government, education, and enterprise. The company's globally trusted WAVE ID readers come from robust alliances with leading identity and access management providers. These readers facilitate innovative solutions for single sign-on, secure printing, time and attendance, visitor management, and mobile authentication, and are compatible with nearly all physical and mobile credentials worldwide.