Nearly 20 years after RF IDeas began as a start-up company with not much more than a great idea, the company has seen many great changes in its business, its products and its services. Below, you can find the details, year by year, on RF IDeas' growth as a company for nearly two decades.



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  • May - RF IDeas honored by HP for partnership with 2017 JetAdvantage Sales Excellence Award
  • May - RF IDeas becomes ISO re-certified, in 9001:2015
  • Mar - New pcProx Plus SP reader is announced
  • Feb - pcProx Plus for MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 Credentials is pre-announced 
  • Feb - RF IDeas showcases new pcProx® Plus BLE with Bluetooth® Technology and Partner Solutions at HIMSS17
  • Feb - RF IDeas announces participation in Rockwell Automation® EMEA Encompass Partner Program









  • Jun - RF IDeas expands pcProx® product line with new pcProx 13.56 MHz ExpressCard readers
  • May - RF IDeas pcProx and pcProx Plus line of card readers now IP67 compliant
  • Apr - RF IDeas offers CJIS compliance with pcProx and pcProx Plus
  • Mar - KSI & RFIDeas Introduce an Integrated Solution for ePrescribe
  • Jan - The pcProx Plus with support for iCLASS SE™, iCLASS™ (CSN) technologies and NFC becomes available



  • Dec - RF IDeas announces that the pcProx line of card readers can now be utilized as a part of achieving compliance with the new Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Security Policy.
  • Dec - RF IDeas announces the availability of the Ethernet 241
  • Nov - RF IDeas offers EtherNet Industrial Protocol (E/IP) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Capabilities to pcProx line of products
  • Oct - RF IDeas Announces Renaming of Partner Program to WaveID®
  • Oct - The pcProx Plus OEM Module begins shipping
  • Sep - RF IDeas renames the AIR ID product line to pcProx 13.56 MHz
  • Sep - The new Advantage Partner Program is introduced at ASIS 2012
  • Sep - RF IDeas announces availability of NFC and SIO capabilities for pcProx readers
  • Aug - RF IDeas ranks No. 13 in the Computer Hardware Industry on the Inc. 500|5000 list
  • Jul - The E/IP PoE and PoE begin shipping
  • Jul - The pcProx Plus Serial begins shipping
  • Jun - Planning for the new Ethernet 241 is announced
  • May - The pcProx Plus E/IP PoE and PoE are introduced
  • Apr - Plans for the addition of a serial interface for the pcProx Plus is announced
  • Mar - RF IDeas' pcProx Plus OEM Module is introduced
  • Mar - RF IDeas announces participation in Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner Program
  • Mar - RF IDeas announces ODVA Certification for EtherNet/IP
  • Feb - RF IDeas announces pcProx Plus 82 Series desktop reader





  • Oct - RF IDeas announces and demonstrates the first 125 kHz/13.56 MHz desktop combo reader able to read 30+ card techonolgies
  • Sep - Express Card models for pcProx family are announced and shipped
  • Jun - Sielox/CheckPoint readers are added to product family
  • Jun - RF IDeas adds FeliCa readers
  • Mar - The first 125 kHz/13.56 MHz card determination dongles to help determine the card technology are announced and shipped
  • Feb - Shared library support for Linux in the universal SDK is added
  • Feb - The dongle version for selected models for the AIR ID family are shipped
  • Jan - The pcSwipe RS-232 mag-stripe reader is shipped



  • Dec - License agreement with HID Global™ is signed securing rights to design and manufacturer HID™ compatible readers.
  • Nov - pcSwipe USB mag-stripe reader ships
  • Oct - Dongle version for selected models of pcProx family is shipped
  • Sep - PCMCIA models for pcProx family are shipped
  • Sep - Secure XceedID compatible reader is shipped
  • Sep - The first Wall Mount housings for all pcProx and AIR ID models are announced and shipped
  • Jul - The pcSwipe USB/RS-232 mag-stripe reader to be compatible with existing platform of prox/contactless readers
  • Apr - pcProx PCMCIA form factor for 125 kHz cards is released
  • Jan - RF IDeas adds support for 125 kHz Securakey under pcProx Enroll and pcProx 82 Series readers.
  • Jan - MIFARE SDK is released



  • Aug - Readers for LEGIC cards are added
  • Jun - RF IDeas issues statement regarding RFID interference finding in NL.
  • Apr - The AIR ID Enroll for FIPS201 PIV cards is demonstrated at ISC West in Las Vegas.
  • Jan - RF IDeas updates AIR ID Playback for MIFARE to allow free-form data on contactless cards/tags.



  • Jun - RF IDeas offers PC/SC compliant drivers for its line of USB prox and contactless smart card readers.
  • Apr - Expanded pcProx Writer is released with 100% plug-n-play compatibility for HID™ RW100 and RW400 read/write readers with iCLASS™ technology



  • Sep - RF IDeas announces AIR ID and pcProx IP readers - the 1st desktop ethernet-enabled readers for nearly all proximity and contactless cards
  • Sep - AIR ID Playback Converters are released, allowing hundreds of off the shelf solutions to immediately take advantage of HID™ contactless smart card without the need to write, develop or deploy software
  • Jul - New low profile AIR ID contactless smart card readers are released
  • Apr - RF IDeas release line of OEM Playback converters. The no-software Playback converters allow the use of iCLASS™ contactless smart card door readers in PCs, embedded controllers, point-of-sale equipment and other devices.
  • Feb - 30,000th proximity reader to the healthcare industry is shipped



  • Nov - AIR ID RKE is released, a low cost long range facility access solution. The RKE is a click-operated fob transmitter with a Wiegand output reader capable of up to 100 ft. read range.
  • Nov - The eLOCK is released, an after market proximity reader and lock for existing lockers and cabinets
  • Oct - AIR ID Playback 232 is released, making it the 2nd no-software solution for contactless smart cards
  • Sep - RF IDeas AIR ID contactless solution wins prestigious Innovation Award at HID™ Partner Conference.
  • May - AIR ID Logon Solution Version 2 is announced. Playback readers are now configurable.
  • Mar - RF IDeas renames RFID1356i product line to AIR ID and introduces the AIR ID Writer, AIR ID Playback, and AIR ID Enroll.
  • Feb - The RF IDeas web site receives an updated look - Have a look around!



  • Dec - RF IDeas Announces RFID1356i-Logon, a plug/play logon solution for applications and operating systems.
  • Nov - User Forum added to RF IDeas
  • Sep - OEM Wiegand Converters Expanded and Updated.
  • Apr - RF IDeas announces a new low power model, pcProx-LP, to the pcProx family of readers. The pcProx-LP is in new ultra-small packaging suitable for use with Tablet PCs and PDAs. 
  • Feb - RF IDeas Dramatically Lowers Prices on Proximity Cards and Readers. See: Readers
  • Feb - RF IDeas releases updates to its Wiegand Converter line.
  • Jan - RF IDeas announces PDA support via Compact Flash card for use with pcProx-USB readers.



  • Dec - RF IDeas enhances RFID135i USB and RS-232 readers to include iCLASS-Tracker Software.
  • Dec - RFID1356i-USB read/write reader released.
  • Dec - Updated proximity reader Software Developer Kit released with support for both USB and RS-232 proximiy readers!
  • Dec - RFID1356i-USB read/write reader released
  • Sep - RFID1356i readers gain CE approval for European markets.
  • Aug - RF IDeas releases RFID13565i-ID, the read-only reader with iCLASS™ technology for keystroking the wiegand ID number from iCLASS™ cards.  The reader is completely configurable using RF IDeas’ free configuration utility.
  • Jun - pcProx-232 released complete with configurable flash memory.
  • Mar - RF IDeas announces and demonstrates RFID1356i, the read/write desktop reader with iCLASS™ technology and software developer kit (SDK).
  • Jan - RF IDeas releases updated significantly smaller pcProx-Sonar



  • Sep - Novell release complete support for RF IDeas entire line of proximity readers for their NMAS, and Secure Login product lines.
  • Sep - Datacard announces 3 card printers now integrate RF IDeas' pcProx enrollment reader.
  • Aug - RF IDeas shows pcProx with iCLASS™ technology reader at ISC East. iCLASS™ is a new contactless smart card technology from HID™.
  • Aug - Key Source Intl. announce keyboard with integrated proximity reader to solve identification, enrollment and computer access needs.
  • Aug - RF IDeas announces compatibility for Casi-Rusco under the pcProx family.
  • Jun - RF IDeas add entire line of HID™ cards and readers to meet customer demand
  • May - RF IDeas release a complete line of bare-board proximity readers and Wiegand converter solutions for OEMs.
  • May - Novell releases NMAS and SecureLogon support
  • Apr - RF IDeas releases pcProx USB
  • Mar - RF IDeas' SoftKBWedgeV2.0 update now includes several special formatting options.
  • Mar - RF IDeas release pcProx-Sonar, a no software solution to self-locking computers based on proximity of individuals.
  • Feb - True Systems Completes Integration for the pcProx Family of Readers
  • Feb - SAFLink Completes SAFAccess Integration for pcProx & AIR ID LT Family of Readers
  • Jan - RF IDeas announces USB addition to line of pcProx readers



  • Nov - Novell Agrees to Support for RF IDeas Family of Readers
  • Jul - Integration of BioNetrix Authentication Suite™ Completed
  • Mar - RF IDeas announces pcProx-KW, the first keyboard wedge compatible proximity reader for existing software and hardware wedges.
  • Feb - pcProxM The  Motorola/Indala compatible proximity solution released
  • Feb - ADT Security adds RF IDeas' proximity solutions to its line of product offerings.



  • Nov - RF IDeas delivers pcProxKWST, a keyboard wedge compatible proximity readers for Symbol Technology OmniLink Wedges.
  • Aug - HID signs licensing arrangement with RF IDeas to offer pcProxH.
  • Jun -  Auto-enrollment feature released, dramatically reducing deployment costs.
  • May -  CLUI™ - Common Logon-User Identified released allowing several users to share desktop applications without requiring a log off. Each user is individually identified through a single shared logon  account.
  • Apr -  pcProxM - Motorola/Indala compatible proximity reader exhibited at ISC West and in Europe at IF SEC.
  • Jan - RF IDeas signs Northern Computers and Ademco to further expand it's distribution network.



  • Oct - In another first, RF IDeas delivers pcProxH™, the first HID™ compatible reader for computer desktop
  • Jun - RF IDeas delivers AIR ID with HID™ technology compatibility, the first single badge solution offering long range access for computers and short range access for facility access control. 
  • Apr - RF IDeas releases its client-server centralized server, AIR ID Enterprise Management Software.



  • Product debut at COMDEX Spring is a success with lines forming at the booth.
  • AIR ID garners semifinalist position at COMDEX Spring
  • AIR ID wins award and $30,000 from Computer Associates at CA World '98.
  • AIR ID version 1.0 is released. Multi-badge detection supported. 
  • RF IDeas ships AIR ID LT, a lower cost proximity identification  badge.
  • RF IDeas releases the AIR ID SDK for software developers and OEMs. 
  • RF IDeas enters into several key alliances and partnerships (Microsoft, Novell, HID, Computer Associates, and others) in order to expand the capability of their end user and developer solutions.



  • 2nd prototype developed and demonstrated to Chicago Software Association, the University of Chicago Entrepreneur's Council, and Lake Forest School of Management.
  • Beta units ship to prospective resellers.
  • FCC approval received for AIR ID Base Unit and Badge.



  • 1st hardware prototype AIR ID design completed and alpha testing begins.
  • AIR ID demonstrated to general public at Chicago Software Association's Investor Conference.



  • Apr 17th - Corporate conceptual mission formed, key technologies identified and designed, and patents filed.