Welcome to the Next Generation

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rf IDEAS is proud to introduce the NEXT GEN platform

Our new technology platform is fully compatible with the legacy credential readers you already own. It incorporates the same firmware, reads the same cards and mobile credentials, offers the same key features including our card analyzer, and is just as easy to set up using the rf IDEAS® Configuration Utility. But with the NEXT GEN platform, we can offer readers that are more compact, versatile and attractive than ever before. So you can enjoy a better authentication experience now and for years to come.
Updated 4/15/2024
Legacy Readers NEXT GEN Readers Form Factors Availability
KT-80581AKU KT-80531BKU Desktop Now
KT-80581AKU4 KT-80531BKU4 Desktop Now
KT-80581AKU-5Y KT-80531BKU-5Y Desktop Now
RDR-80581AKU RDR-80531BKU Desktop Now
RDR-80581AKU-5Y RDR-80531BKU-5Y Desktop Now
RDR-80581AKU-C06 RDR-80531BKU-C06 Desktop Now
RDR-80581AKU-C16 RDR-80531BKU-C16 Desktop Now
RDR-80581APU RDR-80531BKU Desktop Now
RDR-80581APU-C16 RDR-80531BKU-C16 Desktop Now
RDR-80582AKU RDR-80532BKU Desktop Now
RDR-80582AKU-C06 RDR-80532BKU-C06 Desktop Now
RDR-80582AKU-C16 RDR-80532BKU-C16 Desktop Now
RDR-80582APU RDR-80532BKU Desktop Now
RDR-80081AKU RDR-80031BKU Desktop Now
RDR-80081AKU-C06 RDR-80031BKU-C06 Desktop Now
RDR-80081AKU-C16 RDR-80031BKU-C16 Desktop Now
RDR-80082AKU RDR-80032BKU Desktop Now
RDR-80082AKU-C16 RDR-80032BKU-C16 Desktop Now
RDR-805W1AKU-C72 RDR-805W1BKU-C72 Surface Mount Now
RDR-805W1AKU-C36 RDR-805W1BKU-C36 Surface Mount Now
RDR-805W1AKU RDR-805W1BKU Surface Mount Now
RDR-30581BKU RDR-30531EKU Mobile Now
OEM-805N11KU OEM-805N11KU-V3 OEM Now
OEM-805N21KU OEM-805N21KU-V3 OEM Now
OEM-805N11KU-X OEM-805N11KU-V3-X OEM Now
OEM-805N21KU-X OEM-805N21KU-V3-X OEM Now
RDR-80582AK0 RDR-80532BK0 Desktop Now
RDR-80581AK0 RDR-80531BK0 Desktop Now
RDR-80081AK0 RDR-80031BK0 Desktop Now
RDR-80082AK0 RDR-80032BK0 Desktop Now
RDR-805W1AK0 RDR-805W1BK0 Surface-Mount Now
RDR-805W2AK0 RDR-805W2BK0 Surface-Mount Now
RDR-800W1AK0 RDR-800W1BK0 Surface-Mount Now
RDR-805W2AKU RDR-805W2BKU Surface Mount Now
RDR-800W2AKU RDR-800W2BKU Surface Mount Now
RDR-800W1AKU RDR-800W1BKU Surface Mount Now
RDR-805W1AK5 RDR-805W1BK5 Surface Mount Now
RDR-800W1AK5 RDR-800W1BK5 Surface Mount Now
RDR-80581AK5 RDR-80531BK5 Desktop Now
RDR-80081AK5 RDR-80031BK5 Surface Mount Now
RDR-805W1AK7 RDR-805W1BK7 Surface Mount Now
RDR-800W1AK7 RDR-800W1BK7 Surface Mount Now
RDR-80581AK7 RDR-80531BK7 Desktop Now
RDR-80081AK7 RDR-80031BK7 Desktop Now
RDR-800W1AK8 RDR-800W1BK8 Surface Mount Now
RDR-80081AK9 RDR-80031BK9 Desktop Now
RDR-800W1AK9 RDR-800W1BK9 Surface Mount Now
RDR-800W1AKU-C72 RDR-800W1BKU-C72 Surface Mount Now
OEM-805N13KU OEM-805N13KU-V3 OEM Q2/24
OEM-805N13KU-X OEM-805N13KU-V3-X OEM Q2/24
OEM-805N23KU OEM-805N23KU-V3 OEM Q2/24
OEM-805N23KU-X OEM-805N23KU-V3-X OEM Q2/24
OEM-805N23KU-XN OEM-805N23KU-V3-XN OEM Q2/24
OEM-805N24KU-X OEM-805N24NU-X OEM Q2/24
OEM-805N14KU-X OEM-805N14NU-X OEM Q2/24
RDR-80581AKB-P RDR-80531BKB-P Desktop Slated for Q2/24 release
RDR-800W1AKB-P RDR-800W1BKB-P Surface Mount Slated for Q2/24 release
KT-805W1AKU-IP67 KT-805W1BKU-IP67 Surface Mount EoL; <a href="/EOL">See Update here. </a>
RDR-805W1AKD-P RDR-805W1BKD-P Surface Mount EoL; <a href="/EOL">See Update here. </a>
KT-805W1AKB-P-IP67 KT-805W1BKB-P-IP67 Surface Mount EoL; <a href="/EOL">See Update here. </a>
KT-805W1AK6-IP67 KT-805W1BK6-IP67 Surface Mount EoL; <a href="/EOL">See Update here. </a>
KT-800W1AKU-IP67 KT-800W1BKU-IP67 Surface Mount EoL; <a href="/EOL">See Update here. </a>
KT-800W1AKB-P-IP67 RDR-800W1BKB-P + KT-IP67 Surface Mount EoL; <a href="/EOL">See Update here. </a>