Ethernet 241™


RF IDeas’ card readers are ideal for customers seeking to leverage their existing card systems with Multi-Function and Single-Function Printer capabilities. With some network applications, the addition of a network drop to accommodate a card reader for secure printing is impractical. Users may also be left desiring additional features, such as data encryption and standardized communication across different reader types. In these cases, the preferred solution is to utilize a device that provides two Ethernet ports, acting as a two port switch, that also provides the additional features for accessing card readers, eliminating the need for additional network drop installations and associated costs.

Utilizing Secure Printing features saves time and money throughout your operation.

  • Security/Compliance: Sensitive documents are no longer left visible to anyone walking up to a printer.
  • Day-to-Day Cost Savings: The amount of paper and toner are reduced as the amount of print jobs goes down.
  • Green: No longer are print jobs abandoned or forgotten at printers, wasting resources.
  • Flexibility: Print jobs are no longer limited to the local printer. A print job can be printed in one location and picked up at any other location, even across the country. No more carrying heavy bundles of presentations from office to office.


The Ethernet 241 was designed to allow an RF IDeas card reader and an application device to simultaneously communicate via an Ethernet connection, using a single network drop. The Ethernet 241 acts as a two-port switch that provides a pass-thru Ethernet port for a printer and a second Ethernet port that is built into the device. 

The 241 device has two Ethernet connectors designated as the Network port and Printer port. The Ethernet 241 provides one USB port, one RS-232 DB9 port and one 5 VDC port that is used to supply power to the unit via the supplied power adapter. 

The USB and serial ports are intended for use by RF IDeas’ pcProx, pcSwipe and MFP24 readers. Both USB and serial ports operate independently and can support simultaneous card presentations. 



  • Secure Printing
  • OEM


Network Addresses

The Ethernet 241 provides two, one for the device and one for the printer.

Address Assignment

DHCP or Static

Reader Configurability

Utilizing the Discovery Tool configures all readers connected to the sever automatically



Dimensions: 3.88 x 3.13 x 1in

Weight: 3.95 oz (112g)

Power Supply: 5 VDC 1.0A

Ports: (2) RJ 45; (1) USB; (1) RS-232 DB9; (1) Mini USB 5VDC power supply input. ---
(*Legacy Serial Only Model does not contain the (1) USB or (1) Mini-USB ports)

Indicator: LED for power condition and error faults

Mounting: Super Velcro tabs (included)

Certifications: FCC Certification, United States; CE Mark, Europe; C-TICK, Industry Canada

SKU Description
KT-80581AK54 pcProx Plus Enroll Black 5v Pin9 RS232 & 241 Serial/USB
KT-80581AKU4 pcProx Plus Enroll Black USB & 241 Serial/USB
KT-80081AK54 pcProx Plus Enroll w/ iCLASS SE™ Technology Black 5v Pin9 RS232 & 241 Serial/USB
KT-80081AKU4 pcProx Plus Enroll w/ iCLASS SE™ Technology Black USB & 241 Serial/USB
KT-7L81AKU4 pcProx Enroll 13.56 MHz Legic Black USB & 241 Serial/USB
KT-7L81AK54 pcProx Enroll 13.56 MHz Legic Black 5V Pin9 RS232 & 241 Serial/USB
KT-MS3-001AKU4 pcSwipe Enroll Black magstripe USB & Ethernet 241 Serial/USB
C-N11NCK4 Ethernet 241 Serial/USB Converter w/ Power Supply