Troubleshooting FAQs


rf IDEAS will post troubleshooting updates below as we gain technical feedback from end users.  Be sure to check back periodically.


What port will need to be opened to use?


Why can’t I deploy the CIS plugin on my IM 550?

 After investigation, it was discovered that this MFP did not have the Version 3.8.8 of the Plugin installed.  It had version 3.8.5. After installing the updated version 3.8.8, the SOP accepted the CIS Plugins via the rf IDEAS Remote Card Reader Manager application.

Why am I getting a 409 error when I send an .HWG+ configuration file?

A 409 error code indicates that you are trying to update an outdated reader. It is old and does not meet the rf IDEAS reader prerequisites.  It is highly recommended that you update that reader with a more current rf IDEAS reader, as itemized in the rf IDEAS Remote Card Reader Manager User Manual.