By Jeremy Wente, VP of Strategic Alliances, Tecnics Consulting


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, protecting sensitive data while ensuring seamless access is of paramount importance. In fact, as much as $5 trillion will be lost to hacks and data breaches by 2024.1  Considering that every record lost to cyber criminals costs healthcare organizations an average of $614, it’s easy to see how critical data security is to the overall health of the industry.2 

To address this challenge, Tecnics—in collaboration with industry leaders Okta and rf IDEAS—developed TecTango to revolutionize identity and access management (IAM) within healthcare facilities. This tap-and-go solution provides a powerful, affordable, and comprehensive option for healthcare organizations. 

Okta, a recognized leader in IAM according to Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Access Management, forms the foundation of this solution with strong authentication protocols and centralized user identities necessary to manage healthcare access control.

By seamlessly integrating Okta with TecTango and WAVE ID® readers, healthcare organizations can achieve a holistic IAM framework that ensures secure, efficient, and compliant logical access to critical resources, equipment and workflows.

Tap and Go for Streamlined Access 

TecTango, utilizing RFID-enabled devices from the proven WAVE ID® portfolio of readers, introduces the innovative tap-and-go feature to healthcare environments helping to simplify the 70+ logins that healthcare providers encounter per shift, wasting as much as 45 minutes typing passwords or PINs instead of caring for patients.3,4

This technology simplifies the user experience. Authorized healthcare professionals can access workstations, shared kiosks, and applications quickly by tapping their credential on a reader. By eliminating the need for manual login processes, TecTango reduces authentication barriers to save time and money, while enhancing productivity and maintaining stringent security measures.

Strengthened Security and Compliance

The combined power of Okta, TecTango and rf IDEAS helps healthcare organizations strengthen their security posture and meet regulatory compliance requirements. With Okta's robust identity authentication capabilities, administrators can efficiently manage user provisioning and deprovisioning and access requests across the healthcare ecosystem.

TecTango ensures that shared workstations and devices are securely accessed, eliminating the risk of password sharing and unauthorized access. Measures like these can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches, helping organizations meet stringent industry regulations including GDPR and HIPAA cybersecurity requirements. 

WAVE ID readers from rf IDEAS provide the critical link between the TecTango solution and busy healthcare professionals. The WAVE ID readers allow passwordless authentication with the tap of existing ID cards. The versatile readers are seamlessly implemented and offer a wide range of form factors for the ideal authentication solution to protect patient privacy, ensure data compliance, and deliver efficient care.

Activity Auditing and Governance

Okta's comprehensive auditing features provide healthcare organizations with valuable insights into user activities, enabling effective governance and risk management. By tracking user logins, access requests, and authentication events, Okta delivers granular visibility into system usage and potential security incidents. Coupled with TecTango's tap-and-go functionality and WAVE ID readers, organizations can maintain a clear audit trail, monitor user behavior, and swiftly detect and respond to any suspicious activities or unauthorized access attempts.

Cost-Effective Solution

The Okta, Tecnics and rf IDEAS collaboration presents a cost-effective solution for organizations aiming to strengthen their healthcare cybersecurity posture. By leveraging Okta's cloud-based IAM platform, healthcare facilities can reduce the complexity and costs associated with traditional on-premises solutions. TecTango's seamless integration with Okta maximizes the value of the investment by improving operational efficiency, minimizing help desk support requests, and reducing the time spent on password resets and access management tasks. And WAVE ID readers deliver all the solution benefits in the wave of a credential.

In today's healthcare landscape, where cybersecurity is critical, The Okta, Tecnics and rf IDEAS offers an unrivaled solution for identity and access management. By combining the leading-class capabilities of Okta's IAM platform with TecTango's tap-and-go functionality and rf IDEAS WAVE ID readers, healthcare organizations can achieve seamless integration, compliance, governance, and heightened security. 

Now, healthcare providers can confidently protect patient data, streamline workflows, and focus on delivering exceptional care.

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