The DNA within our Corporate Philosophy

No matter what industry, there will always be an unending appetite for new products, services and experiences that add real value. To supply that demand, corporations have ramped up the speed and accelerated the creation and delivery of innovate new products. However, Price Waterhouse Cooper said it best when they noted that true, game-changing innovation isn’t safe. It requires vision, courage, long-term commitment and an organizational culture that stays close to customers to learn what they really want.

And that is the foundation on which RF IDeas was built 20 years ago.

As one of the largest manufacturers of proximity and contactless identification and authentication readers for the access control industry, RF IDeas pioneered the application of physical access control credentials. Our original innovation was created to solve non-door applications, such as employee identification, vending and PC access control. We wanted to give users the ability to leverage their existing investments while seamlessly upgrading to new technologies and adding new applications.

“We knew we were onto something when the first reaction from customers was “wow, I could really use that in my application - that’s awesome!  I didn’t know you could that!” 

It’s always gratifying when you hit the mark, whether it’s customers with positive feedback or partners who acknowledge your contribution. Nearly ten years ago, HID™ Connect, the partnership arm of HID Global™, a leading manufacturer in the access control industry, held its iNNOVATION awards program. The purpose was to recognize participants for helping end-users “do more than open the door” with their access control credentials. RF IDeas was honored to take first-place for the AIR ID Playback Converter that enabled HID™ iCLASS™ read/write readers to quickly deliver solutions. The innovative product was developed to address market demand and is still used in manufacturing, truck scale and kiosk applications interfacing to backend systems.

In 2011, RF IDeas’ patented technology, pcProx® Plus, was announced and is still the only reader in the industry that reads over 45 card technologies, delivering flexibility to any customer struggling with different card technologies. pcProx Plus provided the gateway for enrollment into third party software, multi-function printers, or single sign-on integrators.

“Alongside WaveID, our brand name for badge based authentication solutions, products like pcProx Plus will continue to spark new innovations anywhere identification and access are needed,” commented Rick Landuyt, RF IDeas, President and CEO.

The most recent innovative RF IDeas offspring, the pcProx Nano reader, was introduced just last month. With its revolutionary, ultra-compact size and weight, the Nano opens the door to a multitude of applications in healthcare as well as government, manufacturing, public safety, enterprise and anywhere mobility is a key factor.

“Rick and I have always been engineers at heart,” said Greg Gliniecki, RF IDeas Sr. Vice President and Co-founder. “It’s in our blood. We love technology but we strive for true innovation that solves a customer’s problem. And nothing makes us happier than when we see an opportunity to make a real difference in how our customers gain even greater value from what we are able to develop. That will never change and we will always be out in the market talking to our users, gaining knowledge, understanding what their challenges are, and bringing that information back to our developers.”