RFID Partners with Bluetooth® Technology to Continue on a Path of Innovation


How RFID and Bluetooth® Technology Work Together

RFID technology aligns to this path of innovation. The use of RFID technology will never go away. We'll always need badges to authenticate experiences. But what will evolve is the way in which we use those badges. Bluetooth technology plays an integral role in this evolution.

Bluetooth technology and the emerging trend of mobile authentication will never truly diminish the importance of the traditional RFID badge. Instead, the two can work together to offer a more secure user experience. Take, for example, the concept of geofencing. Security is like layers of an onion. A password is one layer. Badge access is another layer; mobile authentication yet another.  If we place an RFID reader on a workstation with confidential records, multi-factor authentication can be used by creating a geofence around the reader. Sure, you presented your smartphone credentials for authentication, but is your badge within the predetermined radius of the reader? If not, authentication will not occur. Can you see how these two applications work together to eliminate the risk of a breach?

Authenticating with BLE

Mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology can be used as secure authentication and identification credentials, making the technology ideal for a variety of applications in every industry.  Examples include:

  • PC/LAN Access Control
  • Application Log-On
  • Employee Identification
  • Item tracking / inventory management (wheelchairs, medical equipment) using Bluetooth technology beacons
  • Printer location / beaconing
  • Facility navigation leveraging Bluetooth low energy technology
  • PLC and Embedded Controllers
  • OEM
  • Time and Attendance
  • Meeting Attendance, Visitor Management
  • Hoteling
  • Secure Printing
  • Point of Sale
  • Dispensing
  • Mustering

At RF IDeas, we specializing in authentication across multiple industries, and with the use of BLE technology, we can provide flexibility to any customer, integrator or end users working with different card technologies. Learn more about RF IDeas’ dual-frequency programmable card reader with integrated Bluetooth low energy technology here.