A.N.D. Technologies, Inc. and Pcounter

Lili Santillan
July 29, 2015

In today’s business environment, print and copy costs can quickly spiral out of control and that’s where RF IDeas’ partner A.N.D. Technologies’ Pcounter solution can help.

Leveraging RF IDeas’ pcProx® card readers, Pcounter’s XAudit embedded software tracks all walkup activity (copy/fax/scan), provides secure pull/follow print release via EIP, and supports card-based authentication for all card types. IP-based card readers are available for all Xerox models. USB proximity card readers are available for EIP 2.0 machines. Pcounter also supports RF IDeas dual-port Ethernet 241 and the Discovery Tool, allowing for easy installation and management of secure print devices.

Whether it's print cost recovery, MFP/copier control, rules-based printing, or simple usage tracking, Pcounter from A.N.D. Technologies, Inc., offers a variety of print/copy management solutions that fit the needs of any vertical market.


For more on Pcounter visit their website, www.Pcounter.com