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Healthcare for hospital Keyboards — What’s lurking in the crevices of your hospital’s keyboards?

High-touch surfaces throughout healthcare environments are widely recognized as potential sources of infectious agents.

Topic: Healthcare

A Highlight of Manufacturing Authentication Activities

The opportunities for authentication in manufacturing are seemingly endless.

Topic: Manufacturing

Recognizing the Benefits of Smart Authentication in Manufacturing

Recently, RF IDeas CTO, Tim Collins, shared his insights on how Bluetooth® technology can impact our working environments.

Topic: Manufacturing

Protecting Workers and Ensuring Compliance in Manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a ground-breaking ruling to improve working conditions for employees...
Topic: Manufacturing

Expanding Security; Exploring the Logical Transition

The word security takes on many different definitions depending on the lens in which it is perceived. To an infant, security is the caring arms of a mother...
Topic: Security

Stretching Security to the Next Level

In today’s society, security is something we’ve come to expect in most public places. You cannot enter a public library, entertainment venue or perhaps even an...

Topic: Security

How Improving Nursing Conditions Translate to Better Patient Care

Often viewed as a thankless position, the nursing profession is a grueling territory. On their feet for hours at a time, often skipping bathroom breaks and...

Topic: Healthcare