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Drowning in Passwords? You're Not Alone. 5 Reasons Your Business Should Sign on to SSO

When passwords first came into vogue in the early 1960s as a way to secure computers, we couldn’t envision the many ways they’re being used today.

Topic: Authentication and Access

The New IAM: 5 Challenges That Add New Risks

Identity access and management (IAM), the IT security discipline dedicated to ensuring that the “right persons have access to the right resources at the right...

Topic: Authentication and Access

RFID Partners with Bluetooth® Technology to Continue on a Path of Innovation

Let’s share a few statistics about a rapidly growing market, and see if you can guess the market. This market is on track to ship 3.9 billion units in 2018....

Topic: Authentication and Access

Uncovering the Basics of RFID Technology

RFID covers a broad spectrum of frequencies and hundreds of applications and uses. But how well do you really understand it? What do you need to know when you’...

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Value Propositions – Recognizing the Benefits of Authentication

Adding new technology expenses can be a hard sell, specifically in today's "do-more-with-less" budgeting mindset.

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An Insight into the Three Leading RFID Access Cards Used for Authentication

Whether we recognize it or not, RFID technology is present in nearly every element of our lives. From our employee badges at work, to the tracking technology...

Topic: Authentication and Access