Improving operations on the manufacturing floor

Lili Santillan
February 26, 2015
Topic: Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the 21st century has become extraordinarily complex as regulatory and compliance pressures increase, inventory discrepancies create havoc, automated processes require greater training, and costs continue to rise. The bottom line is that when the product ships out the door, it has to be flawless, profitable, cost effective, and compliant. How do manufacturers meet these rising expectations while still maintaining a profitable, smooth-running operation?

RF IDeas’ pcProx Plus readers are an integral part of a solution that enables manufacturers to leverage existing employee badge systems in order to improve workflow processes, improve safety and security, achieve compliance, and significantly reduce cost.

Proven Benefits:

  • Enables faster employee logon/logoff
  • Authorizes and validates ID
  • Automatically secures workstations
  • Tracks and helps find lost tools
  • Links employees to SKU production
  • Verifies training attendance
  • Automates payroll and links data to ERP, SAP
  • Increases security of multi-function printers


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