Your Value Chain Can Make You or Break You

Lili Santillan
January 28, 2015

RF IDeas' same-day ship keeps you on track and saves you money. 

We live in an age where business moves at the speed of light. Problems arise daily, decisions need to be made quickly, and challenges must be met head-on. In this environment, getting the job done necessitates that things fall into place, everything fits, and the process works.

But what happens when it doesn't? What happens, for example, when you've ordered a piece of equipment that's vital to your ability to provide the flawless service your customers have come to expect - but the product arrives late? For one thing, your customer might cancel the order and reorder from your competitor. Or they might demand a reduction in the purchase price. They might even refuse delivery and that's the last you'll ever hear from them. Each of these scenarios can have an obvious, immediate, and adverse impact on your business.

Problems caused by factors upstream will always cause problems for your customer downstream, regardless of your industry. 

RF IDeas understands that you have choices and we will never compromise your faith in us. To that end, every member of our team works hard so that you will never be put into that situation. We understand the critical nature of expediency when getting the products you order from us to you on time, every time.

The key is being tightly tuned to your customers and what they need to run their own businesses. RF IDeas holds more inventory so our customers can hold less, saving them money and still getting their products shipped same day of order. Not many of our competitors can make that claim and it is one of which we are proud.

"We are pleased to offer one-day shipping on our top selling 250 SKUs, which is 98% of our total volume," says Jim Dahlin, RF IDeas Operations Manager. "We call it the Agility Metric and it's a big investment for our business but we have the right culture in this company. Everyone knows our objective and they are dedicated to the effort to help us meet it.” (Orders must be placed by 2:30 p.m. CST to qualify.)

Quality is not just a goal at RF IDeas, it's a way of life and we will continue to set reach-out standards of performance throughout the organization. We are doing our part to make sure- at least from our position in your value chain - that things fall into place, everything fits and the process works.