Securing work zones and physical resources is an increasing challenge in an increasingly digital world. Organizations have historically relied on proximity readers that require smart cards or ID badges for access. However, with the rise of remote work putting more employees on the move, traditional methods of identification and logical access control are no longer enough. More organizations are turning to mobile credential readers to enhance security, efficiency, and accessibility in the modern work environment. 


What is a mobile credential reader?


A mobile credential reader is a device designed to authenticate users by reading data from their mobile devices, typically smartphones or tablets. The data from mobile credentials is communicated to readers via Bluetooth and/or NFC (near-field communication) technology to verify the user's identity and grant logical access. Digital credential readers can also leverage digital wallets within mobile devices to enhance access control and authentication, streamlining the user experience.

This technology has become increasingly popular for its convenience and security. Users can simply wave their mobile devices near the reader to gain access to data and tools, eliminating the need for ID badges or traditional security keys. But what are the best mobile access control systems and which is the right choice for your organization’s applications? 


3 top mobile access control readers


Identifying the right mobile access control reader for your organization involves careful consideration of factors like security requirements, infrastructure compatibility, scalability, and the unique operational needs of your organization. Let’s dive into our top mobile access control readers for 2024: 


1. The most flexible solution


WAVE ID Mobile Mini

The WAVE ID® Mobile Mini stands out as a flexible and innovative solution. This dual-frequency reader harnesses the capabilities of NFC digital wallets and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology. It's designed to work seamlessly with industry-leading mobile credentials such as WAVE ID Mobile, Orange PACK ID, and PSIA PKOC. 

This mobile credential reader empowers your users with the convenience of waving an ID badge, a smartphone, or both, offering streamlined management of multi-credential environments. Removing manual entry of usernames and passwords gets your people where they need to go faster.


2. The most user-friendly reader



WAVE ID® Bio is a 3-in-1 multi-factor authentication (MFA) reader that seamlessly merges smart card, mobility, and fingerprint recognition capabilities into our most versatile reader. This digital credential reader has the ability to read fingerprints, proximity cards, smart cards, and mobile credentials, offering a comprehensive solution for various access control requirements. 

What sets the WAVE ID® Bio apart? It enables users to identify themselves using something they always have on hand: their unique fingerprint. With its robust biometric reader and multi-factor authentication features, the WAVE ID® Bio supports compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, EPCS, CJIS, and more. It’s an indispensable tool for increased security.



3. The reader with endless possibilities



WAVE ID® Mobile Reader for HID Mobile Access is your gateway to limitless authentication possibilities. This mobile access control reader is designed to expand your mobile authentication applications. It offers instant identification and authentication using mobile smart devices and employee ID credentials, seamlessly accommodating multi-card systems. 

By eliminating the need for manual entry of usernames and passwords, it not only streamlines workflows but also mitigates identification issues. Its mobility enables a broad spectrum of applications, including single sign-onsecure print, compliance reporting, and time and attendance tracking



Unlock the enhanced security of mobile credential readers


Thirty-two percent of organizations already use mobile identities. This number will only continue to rise in 2024 as a growing number of organizations realize the efficiency, convenience, and enhanced security that mobile credential readers bring to their operations.

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