Where can I find documentation and tools for rf IDEAS products?

Visit our downloads page for access to firmware, drivers, configuration software, user manuals and more

Do I need to install additional drivers for rf IDEAS readers in standard keyboard emulation mode?

Our standard AKU/BKU models do not require any additional drivers. They obtain their driver from the OS and are recognized as a human interface device.

What frequency can rf IDEAS readers read?

Our readers can read 125 kHz and/or 13.56 MHz. Models that begin with RDR-6xxx read 125 kHz; RDR-7xxx read 13.56 MHz; and RDR-80xxx read both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz.

What is the reading distance/range of rf IDEAS readers?

Typical read range is 1–4 inches; however, this can vary based on how the card was manufactured and how the reader is mounted.

Can the reader be mounted to metal?

No. Mounting a reader to metal can result in failure to read cards or a significantly reduced read range.

Can I export any current configurations from the rf IDEAS reader?

Yes. You can use the WAVE ID® Configuration Utility to save an HWG configuration file and load the file to readers with the same model number. Once connected, please follow these steps to copy the configuration from a working reader and import it to a nonworking reader:


1.         Go to File > Save device data to HWG file.

2.         Name the file and save to a location that is easy to browse back to.

3.         Disconnect the working reader.

4.         Connect the nonworking reader.

5.         Connect to the Configuration Utility.

6.         Go to File > open HWG file.

7.         Browse to the file you just saved from the working reader.

8.         Click “write active” in the Configuration Utility.

How can I update firmware on my device?

Please contact Technical Support to see if your device is eligible to be upgraded.

Why is my rf IDEAS reader not reading my card?

If you are using the WAVE ID® Plus card reader, you will need to configure the reader to read the correct card type. This reader holds 2–4 configurations and can read over 50 types of cards.

If you are using a single-band, single-configuration reader, these readers are only able to read one card type at a time and your card may not be supported.

What card types are supported on the WAVE ID® Plus reader?

Supported card types are listed here

Why does my AK0/BK0 reader have a flashing yellow light?

Any reader models that end in AK0 or BK0 are considered to be our virtual com readers. These readers require a specific driver that can be found here

What is the default IP address of my reader?

There is not a default IP address. All readers receive their IP address from a DHCP server. If you do not have a DHCP server, you can use the boot-p server located here.

What are the power requirements for PoE devices?

Our PoE ethernet readers require 48 VDC.

Where can I find the SDK?

To purchase the SDK, send a request by email to sales@rfideas.com.

What is the pinout of my serial reader?

Download a list of available pinouts here.

My reader will not connect to the Configuration Utility.

Be sure you choose the correct interface type on the Connect tab. There are options for USB, serial and ethernet.

If using an ethernet reader, you must connect using port 10001.

AK0 readers must connect using the “Use Com Port” option.

How do I reset my reader to factory defaults?

Using the Configuration Utility, go to File > Reset to factory defaults.

What is the VID/PID of the standard USB reader?

0C27 3BFA