pcProx® Plus BLE Reader for Orange Business Services Pack ID


The pcProx Plus BLE reads proximity cards (125/132 kHz) or contactless smart cards (13.56 MHz), and also incorporates Bluetooth low energy technology for reading the Orange Business Services Pack ID credential on BLE-equipped iOS and Android™ mobile devices. RF IDeas is the first vendor authorized to resell the Pack ID credential, providing a single source for partners and business enterprises looking to enable secure mobile access for a wide variety of use cases.

The pcProx Plus BLE is an ideal investment for adding mobile access capabilities while supporting existing infrastructures and access methods—without sacrificing performance. In addition to the applications provided on the industry-leading Pack ID credential, customers can develop custom applications and even combine mobile access with traditional card technology. With third-party wayfinding software and beacons, the pcProx Plus BLE can even be used to help personnel find the nearest secure printer, terminal, dispenser or other device where the reader is attached.



  • Orange Business Services:
    • Logical and physical access
    • Mobile wallet
    • Secure print
    • Cashless vending
    • Vehicle (park, share, charge)
  • Other common applications:
    • Single sign-on
    • Time and attendance
    • Training compliance
    • Secure printing
    • Location tracking


Simplified authentication

Eliminate the need to manually enter user names and passwords. Use existing proximity card or contactless smart card systems along with mobile devices for applications far beyond basic door access—eliminating errors and streamlining workflows throughout the enterprise with instant identification and authentication.

Seamless integration

Our pcProx Plus BLE readers are easily phased into the existing reader network, eliminating the need for additional badges or readers while increasing the number of applications that benefit from employee authentication and identification. The reader emulates a keyboard by keystroking badge information into a standard text editor. No additional software is required for seamless integration with most common operating systems and applications compatible with USB keyboard inputs.

Flexible implementation

With a dual card reader and Bluetooth low energy module in one device, installation only requires one USB port—sparing additional ports for other peripherals. Four credential configurations (up to three card types and one mobile) accommodate multi-card environments, with the added flexibility of using smartphones for authentication. A user-selectable volume control includes a beeper on/off setting for noise-sensitive areas.


Standard Features

  • Operating Frequency: Dual 125/132 kHz and 13.56 MHz
  • Interface: USB
  • Credential Configurations: User-definable, 1 mobile credential and up to 3 physical card types (proximity cards or contactless smart cards)

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: Height 0.6" (1.52cm) x Width 2" (5.08cm) x Length 3 3/8" (8.57cm)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces (113.39g)
  • Form Factor: Desktop, black
  • Cable Length: 6' standard; 6" and 16" lengths available 
  • Indicators: LED (green, amber, red)
  • Volume Control: User-selectable beeper volume (low, medium, high) plus beeper on/off setting
  • Power Supply: USB powered
  • Power Consumption: Reader only: 70 mA typical, 100 mA maximum; Reader and Bluetooth on: 85mA typical, 120 mA maximum


  • Operating Temperature Range: –22° to 150°F (–30° to 65°C)
  • Operating Humidity Range: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature Range: –40° to 185°F (–40° to 85°C)

General Information

  • Certifications: FCC—United States; CE Mark—-Europe; RCM—Australia; IC—Industry Canada. Environmental: RoHS, REACH. Certified in various additional countries worldwide; contact RF IDeas for additional details.
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP®/7®/8.1®, 10® and Linux
  • Card Types: Supports nearly all physical card types worldwide in addition to the Orange Business Services Pack ID credential; contact RF IDeas for specific card type questions.

Bluetooth Module Features

  • Integrated Bluetooth Smart Stack: GAP, GATT, L2CAP 
  • Radio Performance: TX power: up to +3dBm; receiver sensitivity: –92 dBm
  • BLE Beaconing: Configurable for Eddystone, Alt Beacon and iBeacon
  • Supported Protocols: Bluetooth
  • Internet Security Support: Random Number Generator, Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration for AES128