Ethernet 241™

Ethernet 241 Configuration

The behavior of the Ethernet 241 is controlled by several configurable parameters that may be viewed and changed via the command line. Each parameter is referenced by name. Parameter names, valid values, and factory default values are listed in pages 10-11 of Ethernet 241 manual. Changes to parameters will take effect on the next reboot of the Ethernet 241.

Parameters are stored in serial flash. A backup copy of the most recent valid set of parameters is kept in a separate area. In case the primary parameter store becomes corrupted, the contents of the backup will be copied over the primary storage area. If DHCP is not active on your network, programming can be achieved by connecting a Serial null modem cable to the RS-232 port on the Ethernet 241 Device.

Note: Serial null modem cables are available as an accessory from RF IDeas or installer supplied. Available cable type: DB9 Female to DB9 Female Null Modem Cable



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December 5, 2014 1.1MB 1.4.2 Discovery Tool application for the Ethernet 241

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an Ethernet 241, how do I access secure print functionality?

The Ethernet 241 must be paired with a pcProx® card reader in order to access secure print functions. The Ethernet 241 is meant to connect between a network printer and its network with the serial port attaching to an RF IDeas pcProx reader.

The Ethernet 241 will forward Ethernet packets between its 2 ports and provide a TCP tunnel to the serial port. The tunnel provides the means for badge reader data to be read by a remote computer, which will use badge information to control dispatching jobs to the printer.