pcProx® 125 kHz Enroll

pcProx® Configuration Utility

The pcProxConfig Software utility provides users with the ability to configure their pcProx Plus readers to meet their needs. Through the configuration process, desired credential data output and access privileges for cardholders can be established.

In contrast to the pcProx Enroll readers, for which only one configuration can be programmed into the reader, the utility allows the pcProx Plus configuration process to create two separate configurations for users.


**Card Analyzer for pcProx Plus

The software-based Card Analyzer is now available as part of the pcProx Configuration Utility, Version 5.2.4. and later. Using pcProx Plus readers (RDR-80081AKU or RDR-80581AKU), the Card Analyzer feature is a quick, easy way to identify card type, analyze card data and configure the reader to align to card type.

With a single tool and a few easy steps, you can:

  • LEARN: determine the badge (card) technology used and instantly display all compatible RF IDeas readers for that badge (card) type.
  • CONFIGURE: with a click of a button, the reader is easily configured. 
  • ANALYZE: analyzes the badge data (ID, FAC, bits, etc.) when more information is needed 

Settings are written to the reader and the configuration can be saved for cloning of additional readers. The pcProx Plus Card Analyzer supports more than 45 different badge (card) types.


**Card Analyzer capabilities are only enabled with pcProx Plus readers


Download Now


Last Revision Size Version Application Type
May 21, 2018 8.5 MB 5.2.33 Configuration utility for the pcProx® Enroll

Download Contents:

  • pcProxConfig Utility
  • Configuration Utility User Manual

Minimum System Requirements

  • HARDWARE: Pentium class PC
  • DISK: 25 MB hard disk space
  • I/O: 1 available RS-232 or USB Port
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64)
    • Note: pcProx Configuration Utility will run on 64 bit versions of Windows, but it will run as a 32 bit application



BETA Utility

pcProx Config Utility

Enhanced support for NTware readers and card analyzer support for BLE readers. This BETA pcProx Config Utility software is for pcProx®, pcProx® Plus, and pcProx® for FIPS201/CAC/PIV cards.

Last Revision Size Version Utility Download
May 8, 2019 2 KB 5.2.39 Download



Device Networking Utilities


This Windows-based application simplifies the installation and configuration of pcProx® and pcProx Plus readers.

Visit www.lantronix.com/device-networking/utilities-tools/device-installer.html for details

Com Port Redirector™

Enables applications to communicate with pcProx and pcProx Plus readers by redirecting local COM port communications to the COM port of the reader.

Visit www.lantronix.com/device-networking/utilities-tools/com-port-redirector.html for details



Legacy Reader Downloads

pcProx Config Utility

The pcProx Config Utility software is for legacy pcProx® Enroll, pcProx® Plus Enroll, pcProx® Enroll for FIPS201/CAC/PIV cards, and Wiegand converters

Last Revision Size Version Utility Download
June 12, 2009 6.44 MB 4.4.6 Download



Virtual COM Downloads

AKF Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers (RDR-6081AKF Only)

The RDR-6081AKF (FTDI USB Virtual Serial Port Reader) may require virtual COM port drivers, which can be downloaded from the Future Technology Devices International website at: www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. Application software can access the USB device in the same way as it would access a standard COM port.

Download the most recently updated driver for your appropriate operating system. For example, users with Windows Vista® would download CDM version 2.0X


Required Reader
VCP Driver Download
RDR-6081AKF (FTDI USB Virtual Serial Port Reader)



AK0 Driver Installation (RDR-XXXXAK0 Only)

A USB Virtual COM reader from RF IDeas has different requirements for different user specific operating systems.

Download the USB Virtual COM Quick start guide and .INF file for your AK0 Reader by clicking the below link. You will be taken to the pcProx AK0 Virtual COM Driver Installation page to complete installation.

Required Reader
Installation Download
Virtual COM Reader (RDR-XXXXAK0)



Linux Downloads

pcProx Enroll Configuration Utility for Linux

For Linux users, the pcProx Enroll Configuration Utility For Linux will provide a command line utility application to configure your pcProx card reader without C/C++, .NET, or VB

Last Revision
Utility Download
February 3, 2010
1.08 MB




UART Driver for the PCMCIA

Driver package for support operation of Oxford Semiconductor's UARTs and parallel port devices under Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP & Vista

Last Revision
Driver Download
April 30, 2010
1.12 MB


User Manuals

pcProx, pcProx Plus & Wiegand  English
pcProx 4.4.6 (Corresponding Utility: pcProx Config 4.4.6) Legacy Manual
pcProx CDC, Serial, PoE & Ethernet - For Direct configuration without application ASCII Command Protocol


Supporting Documentation

Data Sheets
pcProx Nano Nano
pcProx Desktop English
pcProx Surface Mount Surface Mount
pcProx USB Dongle  USB Dongle
pcProx ExpressCard ExpressCard
pcProx OEM  OEM


Heavy Base Accessory Mounting Instructional Heavy Base Guide
Surface Mount Informational Insert Insert Guide
IP67 Surface Mount Installation Guide IP67 Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

What software application do I use to view ASCII output card data from an RDR-6081AKF or RDR-6081AKE reader?
The current pcProx Config utility listed doesn’t support the RDR-6081AKF. For ASCII card data output use the pcProx Config utility version 4.4.6 must be used. Download here: pcProx Config 4.4.6
What types of credentials will your desktop and OEM products work with?
Our products work with virtually all 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless cards in the industry today. The charts below can assist you in determining what RF IDeas products will work with your particular credential. You can reference the RDR part number on our website to get the name of the particular product or you can simply email us at sales@RFIDeas.com with the number and we will contact you.
Why must I poll the USB card reader?
The nature of USB is not event driven per se, it operates on a host/client protocol that during enumeration asks the host to poll at a specific rate. As a keyboard we are polled by the OS every 10ms, the same speed your keyboard and mouse is. We use feature report packets to configure the readers. We also communicate to the DLL API through Feature Reports for HID™ devices. The AK0 units that are RS-232 or CDC can speak English with using the ASCII COMMAND PROTOCOL such as “rfid:help” in Hyper Terminal or putty. We recommend you poll the units every 250ms for the card id, except for AK0 unit and this with a QueuedID, as the reader will report the age of the card id up to 52 minutes. Without the SDK the units can send unsolicited card id when the card is in the rf field. These appear as USB keystrokes or Serial data for RS-232 and CDC models. Take a look at the pcProx manuals it may help you get a better idea of the AK0 protocol. The HID™ is a proprietary binary protocol, where as the AK0 units are open protocol.
When I present my card to the pcProx Enrollment reader the number displayed is not the number printed on my card or the same number my access control system displays, why?

Check with your supplier for the card format information, since there are some credentials that require a custom format reader. You may possess one of these types of credentials. The pcProx Enrollment reader may need to be configured to output the required credential number, i.e. FAC, ID or CSN using the pcProx Enroll Configuration Utility for USB and RS-232 readers. The utility can be downloaded here, pcProx Config Utility

Once downloaded, please review the User’s Manual for configuration instructions. If you have any questions please contact RF IDeas technical support.

What software application can I use to view the ASCII output card data from an RDR-6081AKF or RDR-6081AKE?

Since these readers use a virtual COM port, the pcProx Enroll Configuration Utility for USB and RS-32 readers can be used to configure your reader. The utility can be downloaded from the Configuration tab. Once downloaded and installed you can use it to configure the readers and view the output data. HyperTerminal or ProComm Plus can also be helpful in viewing card data.

What is an SDK?
SDK stands for software developer kit and is a software program that assists software developers/authors and IT professionals with integrating card data to a physical device or database/software program. The SDK enables you to grab the cards data and deliver it via your software to a device or program that it can then use to perform a specific function. Our SDK is leading edge because it works for almost every type of manufacturers credentials giving you more flexibility when marketing your product.


Technical Notes

How to connect and disconnect a pcProx® reader to or from VMware
Instructional Guide