pcSwipe™ Enroll

pcSwipe™ Configuration Utility

pcSwipe readers come with the pcSwipeConfig utility that allows you to configure readers for the desired output. You can add additional keystrokes or ASCII characters to card data, define your own fields, and utilize flexible fields to accommodate both error handling and additional keystrokes or ASCII characters. The ability to save configuration settings lets you quickly configure additional devices. Several predefined configuration templates are available for different card types.

Note: Be aware that if the card reader is reading cards while you are configuring the device, the card data output may be sent directly into the active document/window.


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Last Revision Size Version Application Type
August 23, 2013 3.25 MB 2.0 Configuration Software for use with pcSwipe Magnetic Stripe Card Readers

Download Contents:

  • pcSwipeConfig Utility
  • Configuration Utility User Manual

Minimum System Requirements

  • HARDWARE: Pentium class PC
  • DISK: 25 MB hard disk space
  • I/O: 1 available RS-232 or USB Port
  • OS: Any operating system that supports a USB keyboard including Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.
  • Can be used for keystroke applications


Learn how to set up, use and troubleshoot your pcSwipe Enroll with the help of the pcSwipe manual.

Supporting Documentation

My pcSwipe device is not working. How do I fix it?

If a reader is not working properly, perform the following steps to troubleshoot the device.

  1. Check to make sure the device is plugged into the USB or serial port.

    Note: When the workstation is on and no card is being read, the LED lights red. A valid magnetic stripe card causes the LED to light in green. When a USB device is being enumerated, the LED flashes amber.

  1. Make sure the port and workstation connector are compatible.
  2. For serial readers:
    1. a. Make sure that another COM port is not using the same port as the serial reader.
    2. b. Make sure that the appropriate power pin/connector has correct voltage.
  3. If the device still does not work:
    1. a. Unplug the reader.
    2. b. For USB readers, remove the General USB Device hardware from the workstation. On Windows, this is performed through the Device Manager.
    3. c. Reboot the workstation.
    4. d. After the workstation reboots, re-attach the device. For USB readers, the operating system should re-install the driver automatically.
My pcSwipe reader is not reading cards. How do i fix this?

If the device is not reading cards properly, try the following:

  1. Chang the Inter-key Release Time on the Keys tab to 1000. This will slow down the device’s processing.
  2. Open a text editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word and swipe a card. Examine the displayed card data to see the actions of any non-printable symbols. This may help determine the problem.
  3. If the device still does not read the card(s), contact the card manufacturer/vendor to verify that the card type is compatible with the device model.
What is an SDK?
SDK stands for software developer kit and is a software program that assists
software developers/authors and IT professionals with integrating card data to a
physical device or database/software program. The SDK enables you to grab the 
cards data and deliver it via your software to a device or program that it can then 
use to perform a specific function. Our SDK is leading edge because it works for 
almost every type of manufacturers credentials giving you more flexibility when
marketing your product.