Wave ID Analyze


Basic Part Number Scheme


Device Type

Standard Reader (RDR); Wiegand converter (OEM); Converter (C); Kit (KT); or Mag Stripe Reader (MS3)


Low frequency 125 kHz proximity (6); high frequency 13.56 MHz contactless (7); or dual frequency with both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz technologies (8); BLE (3)

Card Compatibility

Select card type for reader compatibility. Visit www.RFIDeas.com, choose a product and locate the part numbers (SKUs) tab for specific device part numbers associated to card types.


Small desktop (8); vertical Nano (1); horizontal Nano (2); surface mount (W); USB dongle (D); PCMCIA (P); Non-housed (N); Express Card (E), or custom


Standard “keystroke“ (1); SDK (2) Writer (0); Playback (5); Analyzer (8)


The version refers to the selection of either our Standard (A) or Custom builds.

Housing Color

Black (K); Pearl (P); White (W); or Gray (G) housings


Connectors include:  Ethernet (E); Ethernet I/P (B); PCMCIA (P); Serial 5V w/Barrel Connector (8); Serial 5V on Pin 9 (5); RS232 w/PS2 Keyboard Power (2); Serial with USB Power (9); Serial 9V on Pin 9 (6); USB (U); CDC USB Virtual Serial Port (0)