Going Green with Secure Print Solutions that Help the Bottom Line

When a thriving Japanese sports shoe manufacturer noticed a surplus of wasted color toner in its Orange County, Calif., headquarters, it decided that more than just money was being wasted. The company began to uncover the massive amount of waste its operations were responsible for, and realized a change needed to be made.



The manufacturer's headquarters was staffed with 750 employees and included 22 printers. An analysis of the printing situation found that multiple color printouts were sent to the office document systems, but never were collected, ending up in the recycling bins at the end of the day. Furthermore, employees were not taking advantage of the double-sided printing feature resulting in even more wasted paper. The manufacturer already had implemented a secure print solution, yet the current scenario required employees to login to the printer manually, resulting in a line at the printer throughout the day.


The manufacturer chose to install PaperCut MF on Sharp multi-function printers, which integrates seamlessly through Sharp OSA® technology, enabling secure print from any network multi-function printer (MFP) along with tracking of all MFP activities. To improve the authentication process, the manufacturer paired the Sharp equipment with RF IDeas' pcProx® readers, taking advantage of the company's existing HID card technology used for building access. With the card readers mounted seamlessly inside the MFPs, users could walk up to any printer in the office, wave their ID badge at the reader and release the job to print. The result was a decrease in printer back-up – due to immediate authentication, as well as a reduction in wasted print jobs.


The overarching secure print solution recognized several immediate benefits:

  • A 25 percent reduction in color printouts and paper wastage
  • Elimination of staff back-up at the printer, by simplifying the authentication process
  • An increase in printing accountability, with all print activity now monitored and tied back to the individual authenticating the job
  • Seamless integration utilizing existing badges to authenticate at all 22 printers at any time


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