Answering the Questions Behind Secure Print Solutions

Secure print solutions address a very real concern: a 2013 study by business and IT analysis firm Quocirca found that 63 percent of companies surveyed admitted to experiencing a printing related security breach. Many of these breaches could be traced back to internal sources, be it an unintentional consequence of leaving a document on the printer, or perhaps even a disgruntled employee leaving with printed documents. Yet at the time, only 22 percent of companies surveyed had implemented a secure print solution. Today, many companies still leave their data unsecure. Here are some steps you can take to secure your company's printed documentation. 

Understanding the differences between print authentication and an output management system.

An overarching managed print solution will include not only a print authentication safeguard, but also will incorporate an output management system to control many different elements of the printing. While both systems can run independently, the most effective management solution incorporates both parts for seamless print management.

Print Authentication Solutions/Secure Print

Printing authentication solutions are mounted at the source of printing and help ensure that only authorized print jobs are released to print. For example, when an individual clicks print from their desktop, the print job is sent to the printer, but is held in a queue until it can be authenticated at the source. The most common source of authentication is an RFID-enabled employee badge, which is scanned at a printer-mounted RFID reader to verify credentials and release the job to print. By securing the document at the source, companies ensure that only authorized individuals have access to secure documents, specifically important for legal, financial, healthcare or other protected or regulated industries.

Print Output Management Systems

Often working together with a print authentication solution, a print output management system manages the whole print system, from ink levels and paper needs, to maintenance and energy and efficiency management. For example, when an individual clicks print on a 20-page document, the software will notify the individual that printing at a different printer down the hall will provide the most efficiency. Print output management systems often incorporate an authentication solution, completing the circuit of secure print solutions.

The benefits of a complete print output management system with authentication solutions include:

  • Security: Limits sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.
  • Day-to-Day Cost Savings: Manages paper and ink costs, as well as maintenance costs for efficient cost-savings measures.
  • Going Green: Reduces use of paper and ink.
  • Flexibility: No more carrying heavy bundles of presentations across country.
  • Overall Cost Savings: Reduce the number of printers in the overall fleet.

RF IDeas’ products are a key element of many secure print solutions. To learn more about installing a secured print solution for your organization, contact a member of our Secure Printing team.  To learn more about our software partners, select Multi-function Printers/Secure Printing in the partner categories here.



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