Standing Out in the World of OEMs

Held April 24-27 in San Francisco, the HP JetAdvantage Partner Program gathered more than 100 of HP's leading solutions developer partners for a worldwide conference to share best practices and network. This year's conference, gathered more than 250 individuals, and concluded with six awards bestowed within four categories. RF IDeas was one of two companies awarded the 2017 JetAdvantage Sales Excellence Award, which was presented to RF IDeas president, David Cottingham, by Ed Wingate, vice president for HP Office Printing Solutions.

As a preferred supplier for HP, RF IDeas provides world-class RFID readers for HP multi-function printers (MFP) and single-function printers.

The 2017 JetAdvantage Sales Excellence Award was presented as a recognition of RF IDeas' role in securing a large deployment contract. Additionally, RF IDeas was recognized as one of the two leading revenue producers for the HP JetAdvantage Partner Program. So how do OEM partnerships work, and how can they benefit your organization?

What is OEM?

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer is a term used to describe a unique partnership between two companies. Traditionally, the first company will contact the second company, a manufacturer, for a part to be embedded or integrated in their end product.

RF IDeas serves as the OEM for more than just secure print solutions. RF IDeas readers can be found in work station applications, industrial monitors and even kiosks for check-in. In each case, RF IDeas develops readers to meet the needs of the manufacturer and address the concerns of the end customer. Partnering in close synergy with the manufacturer, both parties benefit from the unique expertise of the other.

What are the benefits of OEM?

When working with an OEM, companies gain intimate knowledge on a specific niche industry that may not originally be their forte. For example, while one company may be a leader in the printing manufacturing space, RF IDeas, as the OEM, specializes in RFID authentication. By creating an OEM partnership, the end customers receive a product that pairs two leading innovators for a seamless product, bought from one source.

Additional OEM benefits include:

  • Simplified buying process for customers
  • Cost savings on research and development by partnering with a leader instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Brand value added to product from OEM's reputation

To learn more about the HP 2017 JetAdvantage Sales Excellence Award, view our press release. To learn more about partnering with RF IDeas, please visit our Partner page



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