Smart Upgrades for End-of-School Printing Enhancements

The start of summer marks upgrade season for technology purchasing departments and administrators, who rely on the short summer break to implement new technology changes. As educational institutions look to increase security, including cyber security, across the board, many are turning to secure print solutions as an enhancement to their existing print policies. However, more times than not, the budget simply does not support a full roll-out of complete new printers and equipment, requiring schools to implement a secure print strategy that works with existing hardware.

RF IDeas' Ethernet 241TM provides an integral component of a secure print authentication solution that communicates across a variety of printing hardware and software applications. The Ethernet 241 is a USB/Serial to Ethernet two-port gateway that gives customers the ability to enable secure printing on any networked printer.  When a user plugs an RF IDeas reader into a printer, the reader interacts with the printer, sending the credential’s information, to the backend system, such as an active employee directory, to verify the data. However, many schools today have different model numbers, years and even brands of printers across their districts, resulting in different software, hardware and operating system requirements.

By deploying RF IDeas' Ethernet 241, users can plug the authentication reader directly into the Ethernet 241 USB port, which then serves as a communication vehicle that speaks between the printer and the network. Envision the Ethernet 241 as a translator for printers, taking the complexity of different languages, i.e., software, hardware and operating system requirements, and translating the data into one, easy-to-navigate language. The result? A secure print solution that can be deployed across an entire district, regardless of printer brand or age.

The Ethernet 241 offers the following additional benefits:

  • Two network addresses: One for Ethernet 241 and one for printer
  • Address assignment: Available in either DHCP or Static
  • Simplified reader configurability: The Discovery Tool configures all readers connected to the server automatically.
  • Works with a USB or RS-232 interface.


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