Simplifying the OEM Process

When an OEM's product requires a card reader, the end-users' needs must be considered. What type of card technology does the customer use? Will this badge reader be compliant? How many SKUs do I need to create to ensure that every one of the cards can be read? Giving an OEM the option to simplify the process not only helps ease confusion for customers, but it also adds to OEM's bottom line.

Less SKUs Equates to More on the Bottom Line

Enter the dual frequency pcProx Plus OEM Module. This reader gives OEMs the ability to build one product, with one SKU, for a clean solution. The reader module is easily integrated within a keyboard or a monitor eliminating additional hardware on a desk or cart surface or to be mounted on a monitor.  OEMs can now sell one product to many different customers, making their product more competitive, adding revenue and simplifying their go-to-market strategy.

In addition to reading nearly all 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz proximity and contactless smart card types, the reader can be configured to read two different cards, regardless of technology. The pcProx Plus OEM Module also features an industry standard sized smaller circuit board for easy fit and integration, and three different port options: Wiegand output, true RS232 output, and USB.

For more information on RF IDeas' readers for OEMs, review the data sheet or visit our Knowledge Center for other manufacturing resources. 


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