Back to School Special — How Identity and Access Management (IAM) Can Save Education's Bottom Line

It seems like, no matter which way you look at it, there are never enough educational dollars. Budget cuts at the local and national levels leave teachers and administrators doing more with less. However, the "do more with less" mentality often extends to the staff as well, as teachers are stretched thin and are dealing with larger class sizes and more tasks. Finding a way to give educators valuable time and money back can make a big difference to the bottom line.

So, when the conversation arises about adding in new technology, most people immediately scoff at the idea of spending more money – specifically when it's on technology that isn't student-facing. However, a holistic look at technology can show that the upfront costs can save educational institutions money in the long run. Let's look at identity and access management (IAM) solutions to learn how:

What is IAM and what role does it play in education?

IAM solutions help organizations with the authentication process. From laptop access and secure print applications to something as simple as point of purchase assistance in the cafeteria, IAM solutions use an RFID reader to collect data from an RFID card, like an employee badge, and then process the data according to the rules set out by IAM software. For education, this means simplifying logins and payment-based transactions, including cafeteria purchases, library fees or other money-based transactions for both teachers and students.

Benefits of IAM

As this blog indicates in the world of higher education, the benefits of IAM are numerous:

  • Eliminates repetitive tasks: automate lifecycle account management tasks, such as account creation, password changes and user provisioning and deprovisioning, limiting the time and effort of administration staff.
  • Limit the burden on IT staff: by enabling self-service, IAM can help users perform basic tasks like password changes and resets.
  • Reduce license fees: a direct affect to the bottom line, limiting licensing fees can be achieved by monitoring who has access to what software and when.

Paired with an RFID reader, IAM can utilize school systems' existing employee and student badges to simplify processes on campus, saving the institution time and money. For more information about IAM software, visit one of our partners, or view our Knowledge Center for information on RFID readers that can be deployed as part of the IAM solution in an educational environment.    


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